Monday, February 20, 2012

So you want to buy a designer dress but don’t want to look like some circus side show reject with feathers darting out everywhere or low cut slits in the fabric especially in the back that make your behind have a coin slot sticking out, too much flesh down there girls. You want to look normal but just in quality made cloths. Well, there is a new, young and hot designer out there trying to fall in the footsteps of the great names like Klein, Wang and Loren. She is Tory Burch with a distinctive double T logo.
The designer even looks normal. She could be just another well kept soccer mom but she is so much more. She is sophisticated but not to serious. Her trademark is bright colors and easy to wear pieces. She is already a fashion phenomenon in only 8 short years. It is a couture look but with a lower price tag. Pieces that range in the hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. Even I can afford that!
Tory admits that she is trying to create a luxury lifestyle brand but make it easily accessible. Her line with its distinctive double T logo is now in hundreds of department stores not to mention 65 Tory Burch boutiques across America. She is 45 years old and looks 30. She has 1,500 employees and does more than a half billion dollars a year in business.
Tory Robinson Burch has led a golden life growing up on a horse farm in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. She hardly remembers wearing a dress growing up. She inherited her sense of style from her globe trotting parents. Her mom is a constant proud parent that is always present. Tory named her top selling ballerina flat shoe after her mom. I don’t think she should claim the tunic style shirt that looks like it has been a regular shirt around since the days of the Roman Empire. She knows that Tunics have been around for centuries and now calls it her own. How did she get away with that?
This wonder woman began her dream when working out of her apartment while raising 3 boys and 3 step daughters. Yeah, the real life Brady Bunch decades later and the kids are cute too. Amidst the chaos of raising a large family she was lucky enough to have her business financed by her businessman husband and other family members and friends. And then, in 2005 Oprah featured her work on her show. Jackpot!!! The very next day she has 8 Million hits on her website!!!
Then the celebrities were seen wearing her cloths. Beyonce, Sara Jessica Parker and Viola Davis to name a few. Then the cool young teens on the TV show “Gossip Girl” wore her creations too and let her make a cameo appearance. Great advertising accompanied with a feature story in the New York Times Style Magazine, this girl has made her mark and is here to stay.
Burch has won the prestigious Counsel of Fashion Designers of America award and was honored last year by Glamour Magazine as their “Woman of the Year.” But success has also brought the unwelcome knock off industry of fake products with her logo on it. She got right on it and hired a team of lawyers and they eventually won a $164 Million dollar law suit in damages for anti-counterfeiting. This is to be believed the largest award won in history that is now shutting down internet sites that used to sell fake Tory Burch merchandise. She pursued the law suit because she refused to see stealing being done to the number 2 industry in New York.
Not everything has been perfect. She is worth a Billion dollars but her 2006 divorce from her husband was incredibly hard on the 6 young children. She has been seen around town with her new music producer boyfriend Bork Owen. She is appreciative of her own good fortune that led her to start a program that helps young women entrepreneurs get start up loans for their ideal businesses. It is called The Tory Burch Foundation and Accion USA for Business Mentoring. So, go for your dream! Girls!

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