Monday, February 27, 2012

So what does a pop diva do once she hits her fifties and really can’t run around on the stage like the young girls do at their concerts although Madonna did a pretty good job at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Well, why not produce a movie from a new prospective of one of the most scandalous romances in recent world history. So she did.
Yes, it became Edward and his American bride. In 1937 the Duke and his Duchess were all the gossip. The former King of England and his lady Wallis Simpson became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, quite a step down from being King . Who would ever give up being a King? Henry the 8th had many lovers. This guy had love.
It was the center of a royal drama that continues to fascinate us, especially Madonna. It is one of those stories we thought we know all about but letters have surfaced to add more intrigue to the story. We all know that the American divorcee Wallis Simpson who was labeled a woman of high ambition and low morals, seduces Edward , Prince of Wales, air to the British Throne.
This prince within the months he is to be crowned King decides to give it all up for her. Edward the 8th resignation speech is probably the most romantic resignation speech of all time. He said, ”and I have found it to be impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do without the help and support from the woman I love.”
Here we are 75 years later a movie appears by Madonna called W & E Wallis and Edward. This is a movie said Madonna made from Wallis Simpson’s point of view. There is another recent book on the subject called That Woman by Anne Sebba that uncovers letters written by Wallis never seen before.
The author claims to have found letters written by Wallis to her former husband Ernest to whom she was divorcing at the time to clear the way for her to marry Edward. Letters that revealed a tortured woman that is fed up with the publicity. She wrote, ”wasn’t life lovely, sweet and simple” She reveals that in a way she still misses her marriage and regrets all the negativity that surrounds her new love for the Prince.
She was so fed up that she wanted to call off their relationship but the Prince was so into her that he threatened suicide if she did call off the relationship. The press just called her a publicity craving person to add the desire to break up to the already explosive news. In the British records office the historian Susan Williams has researched and found a telegram written by the Prime Minister at the time saying that all must not be fooled by her new found intentions not to marry and that she cannot be trusted.
The government wanted her to be labeled as a gold digger. The British political establishment was deeply suspicious of Edward. That he was emotionally unfit for the job and that he might actually be sympathetic to the rise of fascism in Europe. The reaction to the Simpson affair was just an excuse to swap Edward for his more uses friendly brother who became George the sixth now to be considered a very successful King.
After the marriage, the couple was barred from England living a life ostracized and in exile. How does one go from being a future King to being thrown out of your own country over nothing more than love? Edward wanted to return to England and a letter was recently found that the new King said that returning to England was impossible.
When all is said and done with old reports and new letters found with movies made and opinions formulated, she deserves to be understood . The popular opinion of a couple may not be the true description of a couple. Let love be alone devoid of jealousies or predetermined opinions of a couple you really don’t know at all. These lessons should be learned in defense of loving couples that just want to be left alone even today.

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