Saturday, February 25, 2012

He is one of the most famous men on the planet and has been engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow, married to Jennifer Aniston ,is the biological father to 3 children with Angelia Jollie and still had time to make 40 movies. Yes, he is the handsome Brad Pitt. He is even building new homes in New Orleans for the poor and is up for Oscars in two movies that he produced and stared in this year. What a man!
This year Pitt’s picture Money Ball is up for multiple Academy Awards and he has literally gone to bat for it at every turn. Turns out, he had to produce it and act in it to get it done. A lot of film companies said no to the film. He plays Billy Bean and it is the true story of the General Manager of the Oakland A’s. A guy who turned baseball into a different thing by building a team not relying on star power but on statistics. Yeah, the numbers.
The movie Money Ball is based on the best selling book by Michael Lewis. The book deals with economics and stats. The movie is about a lot more than baseball. It is about redefining success. Brad says, “This idea of value, what are we worth, worth to ourselves and how do we place worth on others and the value that Billy Bean finds a very quiet victory.” The real Billy Bean is just happy that Brad Pitt wanted to play the part of him. Money Ball is up for 6 Oscar nominations this year including best actor and beat picture with Pitt as producer.
The other movie he stared in and produced this year is The Tree Of Life that also got a best picture nomination. It will be real embarrassing if he doesn’t win for one of his films he backed with his own money. At 48 years old, he is still a very busy man after appearing on TV and making more than 40 films.
He played character actor parts and leading man parts in such films as Fight Club in 1999, Ocean’s Thirteen in 2007 Inglorious Bastards in 2009, and a supporting role as a mental patient in Twelve Monkeys earned him his first Oscar nomination in 1995. In 2008 he carried the whole movie in the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button that earned him a best actor nomination. Give this guy a statue he has never won anything!
Born in Okalahoma and raised in Missouri, he went to college to study journalism but left 2 weeks before graduating to pursue an acting career because he didn’t have a job lined up. Sounds like an idiotic move but he is Brad Pitt. Of course this pretty boy would make it as an actor and take some beautiful women to bed with him along the way.
His first big part was in 1991 playing a mid-western drifter in Thelma & Louise and became an instant hunk known as much for his smile as his blond hair. He now even has one name for his most recent babe, Branagelina. This guy has luck!
They have been together now for 7 years and have 6 children, 3 biological also blond ones and 3 from overseas adoptions. Their family could look like poster people for the United Nations. The other kids are Black, Asian and Spanish looking. Could they have planned it that way? The children go everywhere their parents take them and the parents make sure they both are not filming something at the same time to ensure that one of them are with the children at all times.
They can be seen everywhere in every magazine daily but choose to take the free publicity as a venue to advertise his non profit foundation called Make It Right where in New Orleans he is helping rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward that was destroyed after Hurricane Katrina. He knows that the destruction was not at the hands of an act of God but from poor government protections keeping the homes safe from the large bodies of water.
The foundation has replaced some of the homes in the area with solar power and they built the homes 5 feet off the ground. He is even giving hope and real homes to people that lost everything. Yes , to be like Brad Pitt should be a goal for most men I guess. Give the guy a statue, he already has mostly everything going for himself.

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