Thursday, February 16, 2012

She is frumpy ordinary looking stands in front of the microphone singing sad songs about her breakup with her boyfriend. She is Adele the 23 year old British many Grammy winning wealthy singing star who hardly even moves during her performances. Her album has sold over 18 Million copies. Ironically, it has spent more weeks at number one than any album since Whitney Houston’s soundtrack for the movie, “The Bodyguard “ nearly 20 years ago.
What makes her success so extraordinary is that she did it the old fashioned way. Nowadays a singer can’t be successful unless they have a great voice, can also dance and not be afraid of the flames and fireworks going off on stage with them. Oh and of course be able to whip cloths off in an instant while never taking a breath or missing a note. No, Adele reminds me of Nat King Cole who had the smooth voice you heard everywhere and didn’t even knew he was a black singer, You really didn’t notice him. Until recently you wouldn’t notice Adele either but everyone noticed her voice too.
She is unlike any other female contemporary pop singer. She doesn’t have runway model looks, doesn’t dress provocatively and has no gimmicks added to her music. Few people have heard her sing for the past 4 months. Having a growth removed from her vocal chords forced her to hardly speak till her recovery. Her distinctive slight yodel in her voice drew attention to her. There are few who can even imitate her.
‘You could have had it all, rolling in the deep, you had my heart and soul” is the message she says. So intensely personal her songs are about love and the men she has lost. She wrote the song “Rolling in the Deep” heartbroken and angry. This song became the top selling single of 2011 and now she has been thrust into global stardom.
Her concerts are so very different. She stands practically motionless the people are sitting and some with tears in their eyes simply actually listening to the music. “Never mind I’ll find someone like you I wish nothing but the best for you. Sometimes you last in love and sometimes it’ hurts instead” The song is incredibly sad and the audience cries along to it,
She can laugh about it now because she said that she no longer feels the same way about the song or the guy she once loved. She was trying to convince herself that she will be happy again and will meet someone again someday. Since then she has met another and says her new guy is much better than he was.
Her new boyfriend is a 36 year old British entrepreneur who also runs a charitable foundation. She is presently very much in love and doesn’t even want to sing her sorrowful songs her fans crave for her to continue to sing. Or change the lyrics to “I’ve found someone…” She is worried If she can now write songs about love since she has a new album to deliver soon.
She was born Adele Adkins to a poor family in the working class section of North London. An only child raised by a single mom she attended a High School for the performing arts and just 3 days after graduating she was offered a recording contract. She was 18 years old. Her first album came out in 2008 and quickly gave her 2 Emmys including best new artist.
Recently she got a makeover by someone that although she does look very beautiful, it is a weird transformation. She has lost some weight so her face has gone from round to slightly contoured. The weirdest transformation is that she is blond with obvious hair extensions wearing pouffy dresses. Just think of Miss Evone from the Pee Wee Herman Show. Yes a kind of throwback to the 50’s.
She is still the anti-pop star and basically the power of her voice has carried her to an ultimate success today. And after all she writes love songs and everyone loves a love song. So, if Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out the way you expected it to, listen to some of her music and cry together, get over it , and seek love again as she has found.

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