Friday, January 13, 2012

He saw her in a movie , loved her at first sight and married her. He is Brad Paisley the Country Western Music Star. He is also known to be unafraid to stand up for causes and sing about situations that other Country stars wouldn’t touch. One of his more recent hits last summer was the duet he sang with Carrie Underwood called “Remind Me.” He travels everywhere to perform in front of sold out audiences.
Like all top performers he arrives with a small army of people to be able to convert any location into a exciting stage filled with lights and videos and a great sound system even if it is for a single night’s performance. He even has a store on his concert sites that sell all kinds of merchandise with his name on it. He will spend 2 hours on sound checks for his sophisticated equipment to make sure things will be right for his performances.
Brad is a 49 year old man that manages to blend social satire with commentary under the guise of a warbled country voice and tune. If you listen carefully you will hear that he has made fun of reality TV in his song “Celebrity.” He has sung about online love verses love in person. He still entertains the typical country western songs as in his song called “Alcohol.” He sings, “Some of the best times I’ve ever had begin with alcohol” and in his video he shows hundreds of people behind him drinking booze!
His romantic hit song says, “I’d like to check you out for ticks!” really? Well, it is country music after all. And with songs like that he has had 18 Country hits so far along with a song called “Waitin On A Woman” that features Andy Griffith in the video that we all grew up with . That is as sentimental as it gets. He says that he is not necessarily out to break the rules, but more how am I going to do things without getting caught type of guy.
His new book” Diary of a Player” tells of how his grandfather inspired him to become a musician with his first paying job at age 11 years old. His grandfather’s advice was, “If you learn to play this guitar , you will never be lonely.” Well, more than a million fans attended his concerts just this past summer.
So, he was dumped by a girl he asked to a movie but then saw actress Kimberly Williams in the “Father of the Bride” movie. Remember, she played the bride, sought her and eventually married her. He said it was love at first movie sight! He fell in love with the girl in the movie. He must have played that DVD over and over again! Kimberly said he stalked her. I guess you don’t get restraining orders from the court if the stalker is a rich and famous country western guitar player.
To get to know her, Paisley cast Kimberly in his video of the song “Waitin’ On A Want.” She says it was more like love after a month or two. Now their marriage is strong and they have two children. He is still trying to break barriers through his music. After the election of Obama, he wrote, ”Welcome to the Future” a song that celebrates racial progress. It became a hit but some of his red state fans were less than happy with the song. He was criticized for his 2009 performance at the White House. Reprimanded for becoming too political.
He defends himself by saying that it was more about right from wrong than any politics. Political or not, Paisley says he will continue to use his music to say whatever is on his mind. The way he sees it, nothing should be off limits.

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