Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sex addiction is on the rise in America and 90% of self-identifying sex addicts are men. Every day it seems a new person emerges with some dark secret revealed that ultimately ruins a career. Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Herman Cain, Anthony Weiner and the real sicko pedophiles like the Penn State coach, and the coach at Syracuse University.

Newsweek currently has a cover story on the subject and they say that almost 9 Million people may be addicted to sex in America. That is like the entire population of New York! It is an epidemic! For some the addiction is so bad it adversely effects their lives. Many lives are totally ruined because of their habits. Marriages are ruined, jobs are lost, they can’t get out of bed or leave the house.

An estimated 3% to 5% of the U.S. population suffers from sex addiction. It is sad when it adversely effects your life. Is it a real problem or just a bunch of horny people? And why are most sex addicts men? Well, it is a case of opportunity. Women are everywhere and are very willing these days also porn is everywhere and is well funded in cyber space. You can’t find anything or any information you are looking for on the internet but with a tap on your device bingo porn comes right up on your screen

What is wrong with the politicians lately, it is difficult to find one that was never involved in some sex oriented activity. I wrote a blog post July 25th 2011 on political sex. I could not even list all the men to be found involved in affairs of sorts. One even had a fundraiser at a strip club!

Is it the economy that forces people to get self gratification as quickly and as efficiently as possible? We all know that sex makes you feel good inside. For many, men at least it helps one to sleep and sleep soundly. You are exhausted after a good round of complete sex. Don’t stay awake worrying about the lack of money! Have some sex, that’ll make you feel better.

Is it the weather? Yes, we are getting into the cold weather and the price to heat your home is still way too high. Get under those covers in bed to keep warm. Sex is sure to follow if you have any attraction for each other

Are you bored with the daily grind of chores and work? Have sex! That will certainly not be boring and will be different.

Are you religious? Be like the Duggar family that even have their own cable show. They are about to have their 21st child. They read the Bible a lot and seem to always have time to have sex and bring more kids into the world.

Do you like family? Lots of relatives and children can only be created by lots of sex. Yes, the world needs more people in it that looks, thinks and  acts just like you. We are addicted after all Want to go somewhere? The movies, a live show, dinner, amusement park, casino? They all cost lots of money all in the interest to just have fun. Forget it, have sex somewhere with the right person. It probably won't cost you anything. 
This has been one of my most read blog posts. I thought I would share it with you again.

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