Friday, December 23, 2011

Italian fashion designers are still the best to impress and with New Year’s Eve parties upon us we all need to dress the best. If you think sexy and very dressed you think of the designs that are created by Donatella Versace who is the Creative Director of the Versace Group. Her dresses have been sought after by the rich and famous and the dresses have become famous too. She is a girl from Reggio, Calabria in Italy that can bring out style that is sexual, sophisticated and sexy. What other way should a girl bring in the new year?
Some of the celebrities that wear the Versace cloths have made them more famous for wearing the designs. In 1994 Elizabeth Hurley wore the now famous safety pin dress that was completely original. It was designed by Johnny Versace and some say that Elizabeth became more famous because of that dress.
In 2000, Jennifer Lopez stunned all at the Grammy Awards when she wore the green cut down to the waist Versace dress. The following day all of the press was commenting on the sexy dress that made Jennifer more famous than some of the Awards that were given out. That one was designed by Donatella.
Although most of the women modeling her collections are very thin, Donatella offers plus size versions of her dresses. What could be better than a renaissance woman that is voluptuous and very sexy. Then you can take any woman to a black tie event and be proud to be with them especially if they are to be noticed for their beauty and elegance. She says that women designers are better than men in a way because women know their bodies better than men.
Donatella realizes that all women do not possess a model type body. She says that she wouldn’t have a business if she did not offer clothing that could enhance the curves of many types of woman’s bodies. Women come in many shapes and sizes and it is key to emphasize the best in all women.
Versace is an Italian fashion brand known for its sexy designs. Donatella was just named Glamour Magazine’s one of their “Woman of the Year” for her charity work. Donatella partnered with Jet Li on the Versace One Foundation. The foundation funded children’s centers in China after the devastating 2008 earthquake. In China they put together the foundation to help the children who were orphans and had nothing. They made places where the children could sleep, eat and learn. They also provided doctors to help them after the devastating earthquake.
The Versace family had a humbled beginning. The mother was a seamstress who had a shop. Donatella’s brother Johnny founded the brand name Versace in 1978. Donatella was studying at a university in Florence at that time. Recently he was gunned down by a crazy spree killer. It was shocking and it forced Donatella to take over the company. Well she has done that and has taken it to new heights. There is also a men’s collection but I like to look at the hot women in their even hotter cloths. Leave it to the Italians past and present to make that fashion statement that makes all people say WOW lock at that! Nice.

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