Sunday, December 25, 2011

The one day of the entire year when the country stops to reflect and mostly everything is closed for business. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. Toys r Us will be open 24 hours today. We let them break the rule because at least you will be buying something for a child and children deserve the best. Children like pets, give you unconditional love and affection and we all need some of that.
It can also be the one day of the year when you really feel the need to go to a Church and write a hefty check because you feel guilty for not being there as often as you should have been there during the year. Later, after it clears and the priests have your money you realized you just made a contribution to their legal fund to pay settlements to all the pedophile acts they have done throughout their careers. The glory hole had nothing to do with the glory of worshiping our Lord and Savior the new born Jesus Christ born today.
Today we need to stop and use this day to reflect and think about our lives. Our life is like a three act play. Yes, three acts now because most of us are living an extra 30 years that humans had never experienced before. We have to constantly feel that our lives are just getting better in order to live as long as we possibly can. Love, Sex, Health, Fitness, and Friendship are the gifts of life and are what we should reflect upon on the only day of the year that most people slow down work and are able to go home and reflect on their lives.
We are born then we peak then we decline. Life should be more. We should be seeking more happiness as we get older and more confident and know ourselves and be on a constant quest for more Love, Sex, Health , Fitness and Friendship. The problem is that we are a country full of very ill people. Illness is a battle that must be conquered. Sometimes illness can cause you to see things in a new way. You can think you are broken or you can think that you have been broken open.
I personally find inspiration from the sun and nature. The news programs daily tell us of terrible things happening around the world and our finances and daily expenses rarely get better but the sun always rises therefore I must make every effort to rise too.
Stephen Hawkins the great physicist, who developed the big bang theory of evolution, has had Lou Gehrig’s Disease for 50 years. The only thing he is capable of moving now is a tiny muscle in the corner of his left eye but he has a full life. He has been married three times and is always thinking and accomplishing something. He is currently writing a book about the origin of the universe. Illness does not have to destroy you. You make adjustments. It is not about if you are well or not, or if you can move or not, it is about your attitude in coping with your illness.
A great philosopher, Victor Frankel said, “Everything can be taken from you in life except one thing. Your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. Attitude.” The people that do the best are those who choose to forgive, you become less tense, less hostile. So to survive life you break it down into three acts representing each 30 years of your life. The first 30 years are your learning years devoted to a career and your first loves. The second act is ages 30 to 60 the hurting years where you have to mend any mistakes you made on the ladder to success and the third act begins at age 60 to 90 if you are lucky enough to reach the third act of your life, spend it reviewing the past and decide if you like who you were in life and either be proud or mend the broken relationships that might still bother you. Be at peace with yourself.
So, Merry Christmas no matter what God you believe in, what book you live by, no matter what kinds of foods you believe in. Take the day off to look in the mirror not at your acne or wrinkles or complexion. Look at that guy or girl and decide if he or she needs some work in the Love, Sex, Health, Fitness or Friendship department and do something about it .

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