Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pitiful Perry! His most recent crash was at the televised GOP Debate where he had a major brain freeze. When it came to naming which federal agencies he would cut off completely if he was President, he couldn’t even remember the name of one when he can have notes in front of him. First of all, America needs all their agencies because they all check and watch a division of what America has. To simply cut them out completely is a gross disservice to the American public.
On a scale of 1 to I can’t spell potato Dan Quale how does this rate? The closest embarrassing thing America has come to at a debate was when Richard Nixon sweated too much while debating with John Kennedy. This is the worst that America’s children could witness; well, maybe not the worst. Perry’s Niggerland Ranch is very bad too.
Rick Perry failed to remember the third Federal Agency he wants to eliminate at the debate. He couldn’t even explain why he wanted to get rid of these agencies. He is an example why this country is lacking in education. We rank 17 in math and science compared to other countries.
He has been asking his supporters as a fundraiser to send him $5 for every government agency they’d like to forget. It is such a mess that the other candidate Herman Cain raised more money and was polled higher after he was accused of sexually harassing women. These guys belong on reality shows not in the White House.
So we got Pitiful Perry and Cain’s Controversies. Who are the wacky people in the audience? When CNBC Debate Moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Cain about the sexual harassment claims made against him the audience booed the moderator for asking the question. How about booing the sexual predator running for President? Four different women have accused him of inappropriate behavior. At a past debate they cheered Perry’s favorite. Executions. Who is this audience? Do they reflect the opinions of America?
By undercutting those questions indicate no respect for women, human rights and education. They also booed the questions of a gay American soldier in a past debate. What is going on with the Republicans? Bill Clinton practically got impeached for his sexual romps but these guys get a green light? Herman Cain called Former Speaker of the House Pelosi “Princess Nancy” ! Is that type of reference ever necessary?
The GOP was polled and the majority of them voted “no concerns” in reference to the charges being made against Cain. Why? They jumped all over Clinton when he was embarrassingly too sexual in his life. The social non conservative base is ruling the GOP now. It seems the women that come out are always destroyed in these cases. We all remember Anita Hill who came out with sexual advances from Clarence Thomas. He is our Supreme Court Judge now. A job he keeps for life. His sex life out of marriage did not hurt his career at all.

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