Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Bad Ass Ninja Black President did it again! Don’t f-ck with this guy. So, far this year he has killed Somali Pirates, Bin Laden, Allah Willkie and Kaddafi. The only threat to our life now is from Bank of America. So says a joke from Political comic Bill Mahr. But it is not a joke it is true. And with every political debate from Snow White and her 7 dwarfs I mean the Republican Debates, our Obama looks even more re-elect able.
He has gotten all the bad guys from our 10 year war after 9-11. The Arab dictators aren’t original. Just like Sadam Husain, they caught Kaddafi hiding in a hole in the ground. They found him in a hole with a gun and luggage. The end of the war and relations with Kaddafi in Libya is good for Obama. The Republicans still won’t give Obama credit for the successes. Just like the bank, they will not give a black man credit.
Obama recently announced that we are leaving Iraq at the end of the year. Pictures have been circulating of Obama looking friendly shaking hands with Kaddafi as if they are together on something. Well, the drone ordered by Obama just shows what a bad ass Obama can be.
Unfortunately for this country it cost 1 Trillion Dollars to get Sadam and a Billion dollars to get Kaddafi. The new Libyan government said they would pay us back for helping them get rid of their unfair Dictator. Obama has been leading from behind the scenes. If you read the military reports, America has been leading the war efforts even though there have been planes from France and Italy, it has been the American technology and intelligence that has brought these dictators down.
It is obvious that we see how good Obama is when he does not have to deal with the Republicans as in defense matters and foreign affairs. How good can he be if he did not have so much opposition from the other party on domestic issues? He would probably have passed single parent healthcare, the public option and clean act air laws. It is ironic that all the Republican candidates have little experience in foreign policy.
The price we paid in dismembered soldiers over the last ten years should not ever happen again nor should the price we paid in dollars for a war ever happen again either. There are cheaper ways to fight wars now. Since 2005, drone missions have gone up by 1200% . We all know by now that the smaller unmanned planes can get closer to the target therefore kill less civilians and they are cheaper to make than manned weaponry. On April 4th of this year I wrote a blog explaining the capabilities of the drones in warfare.

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