Friday, September 9, 2011

There is one really real reality show. Forget all those shallow shows of a few young people in a house fighting with each other, even the rehab show is not real. Watch “I Married A Mobster” on the Investigation Discovery Channel. This show is very revealing about the Mob life through the eyes of the women who married these disillusioned creatures who were highly defensive and caring to their immediate families but would kill someone else in an instant in the same day.
Marriage can be hard enough without adding murder, FBI wire tapping, drugs and mob hits. In this show you have it all and it is all real and true. The women love their husbands. They describe them as sweethearts, caring, giving to those they love but if you do them wrong, they will kill you. No kidding around, there is no judge or jury, you will die if you mess up!
The documentary series breaks the code of silence long revered in the Mob. Some of the women featured is Linda Schiro the wife of Mobster Greg Scarpa who was a Columbo Crime Family Captain high in the Mob ranks. She met him when she was 17 years old. She was in Benson Hurst, Brooklyn where the only people she knew were involved in the Mob. It was all normal to her. Her Mom died when she was 12 years old, so, she really didn’t know of any other kind of life.
Her daughter Linda Scarpa resents all the activities of the Mob and wishes she was never born into the family. Her Father died from Aids in prison and her brother is dead and she remembers being hit with a spray of bullets while in the family car. Although her mother got gifts like a Mercedes for Christmas and they never felt the need for anything, you can see how unsettling life was for them.
Years ago there was the grandmotherly type who ran the one table pool room and in the back is where the high stakes crap games took place. My grandmother had a string and a bell attached to the refridigerator door, when the bell rang, she knew a beer was being taken out and somebody had to pay for it. My grandmother was not affiliated with the mob though.
Linda even discloses that she went out to dinner with Greg and after dinner he had to meet someone in a parking lot and after some words, he shot the guy. She was not shocked, it was a normal night. The shocking part was when he sat her down and confessed to Linda that he was a paid FBI informant. She insists that he wasn’t a rat but worked with J Edgar Hoover to find the bodies of people that the FBI was interested in.
None of this is fiction all of it is fascinating and that is just some of her stories. Then there is Cheryl Caruso whose husband is Philly who is now in jail and was arrested for his drug dealing activities. She dwells on her life in the aftermath. Single with children she says, “People go to jail and the families are forced to suffer.”
I hear about this everyday from my wife. I was never involved with the Mob. I have a police background as a officer and teacher in the Police Academy. I was even a Administrative Law Judge for a while. Yeah, I decided what to do when people complained about their parking tickets but it paid well. I became a Lawyer and turned out to be the only one left after some bad fraudulent real estate deals. The real estate guys dissapear with mortgage money and I go to jail as a Convicted Felon because I was the Lawyer for the transactions. I never knew that was the intentions of the other parties in the transactions.
I have 4 children and 2 of them were toddlers when I had to leave them for two years. I want to start a foundation for the Families of Incarcerated Individuals. The wives and children are innocent. They did not do any crime and are forced to find a income to survive. My wife has health problems from that time when she worked 5 jobs at once just to keep the house.
Another woman featured is Andrea Giovino and her daughter Brittany. She also met her husband at 16 or 17 and was involved in the Mob environment at an early age and thought the activities were “normal.” She never witnessed a murder but know of murders. She was married to John Fogerty who was a freelancer who collected money for drugs and did some extra work for the Mob. He wasn’t Italian so he wouldn’t be the streets, like bookkeeping.! You would laugh at this stuff but it is true! She allowed in the Mob anyway.
Andrea assisted her husband as he built his drug running empire. Her resume is that she was with a Captain for a while and then she hung around John Gotti as well. When her husband was arrested, she took over his Mob related business. She claims not to be a mobster because she was just claiming money owed out on was eventually arrested as well for her involvement in the transactions.
Brittany and her brother were moved to Pennsylvania and was raised by other people. These kids had a much “normal” life and didn’t meet their father until the were 12 and by then, its ok nice to meet you. Brittany’s father went to prison when she was just 8 months old. She is now known as Brittany Giovino. John is now in the witness protection program.
This show airs Wednesday nights. Their lives are fascinating but very sad. My family will never recover from the negativity in my life. A reality show should be based on real events not a fabrication of a producer that says get drunk this week and we will air it.

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