Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama is Santa. Tonight’s speech is finally saying what I thought was a solution that I stated in my August 9th Blog. The key to prosperity in this country is JOBS. He already gave lots of money to car companies, AIG, you know what has been going on for the past 2 years. This time he says his programs will pay for themselves.
How are we doing? Unemployment is still at 9%, Obama has the worst approval rating of his entire Presidency at 43%. 35% of all Americans say they are worse off now since his inauguration. 77% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Tonight he said another of his unbelievable speeches that still need the approval of congress to work.
Most hardly clapped, not many gave a standing ovation together so how will his unbelievably up beat plans get approval? He was basically a salesman to congress. He was selling something he called “ The American Jobs Act.” He expects it to put more people back to work, more money in the pockets of the people who are working, more jobs for construction workers , teachers, veterans and jobs for the long term unemployed. He feels that nothing is controversial and should be well liked by both parties.
It will provide tax breaks for companies that hire new workers and cut payroll taxes in half for every small business. He wants to start new construction projects. Build new schools. Modernize at least 35,000 new schools. The bloated asses in that room hardly applauded even at that statement for our children.
At least the entire room got up in agreement when Obama said that the last thing a veteran should have to do is to look vigorously for a job after serving our country. If a company hires anyone who has spent more than 6 months looking for a job they will receive a $4,000 tax credit. He wants to extend unemployment insurance for another year.
Passing the bill will give every family a $1,500 tax cut next year. The best part is that he said all this will be paid for. The room practically laughed out loud in disbelief since so far he has done nothing but spend money. He will be revealing a new deficit plan in one week that will explain how this is not going to cost us more. He hopes to finally tap in to the wealthiest Americans and big companies to tax them more.
Reforming Medicare will strengthen it. They all agreed to that with a unanimous standing ovation. Obama pointed out that the richest man in America, Warren Buffet pays a smaller percentage of taxes than his secretary. The Republican side of the room actually slid lower in their seats and did not clap at all. The heavily tanned Republican speaker did not react at all.
Admitting that the rich cannot still get great tax breaks and pay for new jobs is impossible to do. Both is revealing and finally realistic. He wants all mortgages to be at 4%, wants to speed up the patent process, wants to increase exports, wants to see more American cars overseas. At least the notion of seeing product with Made in America in other countries could be a new novelty.
He realizes that the new elections are 14 months away and this is his last chance to regain the trust of most people. So, he will promote this Act at all his reelection stops. Finally everything he proposed was to help the common citizen and he should be wearing a Santa hat while he tries to sell his new plan of bull shit.

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