Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hugh Laurie is a musician. We all know him as the English very tired looking gaunt star of the TV series “House.” He just lost the Emmy for Best Dramatic Actor but it is always an honor to be nominated. More surprising is that he just released an album of music which shows what an accomplished piano player he is and how a Englishman can be a soulful singer.
He feels that every human emotion is expressed through his music. After all, he has been successfully making a lot of money here in America for many years while his entire family remains in England. I guess after a while of that can make you sing the blues and practice your instrument a lot.
His just released album is called “Let Them Talk” and features a lot of New Orleans style blues and he ‘s not black. He is not ashamed of declaring himself as a English southern American blues singer. In England he became famous for being a comic usually playing a funny aristocrat.
His role in the TV series seems to be modeled on Sherlock Holmes. It has been successful to even his surprise and has started it’s eight season. He is the highest paid actor in a drama series. He makes $700,000 an episode. So, family is going to wait a little more in England.
Limping in the show and the American accent is the hard part for him. He has grown to loving living in Los Angeles. In England he thought he was more neurotic. His success on House has given him courage to put out his passion in this album. He has a confidence that he portrays in his music.

There have been other successful actors and directors before him like Steve Martin on his banjo, Woody Allen on his clarinet or Richard Gere, Jack Lemon, and other great pianists who have made their money as actors. They probably should have made money from playing their musical instruments. They are all accomplished musicians. Theory music is a personal thing. A release from life and fame. Only a few have the courage to come out of the music room and share their passion with the world. He has come out.

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