Friday, September 30, 2011

George Bush made water a National Monument. It’s not bad enough he was sitting tall at story time in a school while 3,000 people were on fire or crushed in buildings He is signing bills to protect sea water that is within the boundaries of our country anyway. It is the world’s largest ocean. Plenty of water for anyone. An area of over 60 Million square miles. That is more than all the world’s land mass combined. It extends more than 12,000 miles at its widest point. It is also home to the deepest parts on earth. It is the Pacific Ocean. Not the most peaceful in the world. It is surrounded by underwater volcanoes.
World War II used the ocean as its battlefield that made authors like James A. Michener write “Tales of the South Pacific.” It inspired Musicals like Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “South Pacific.” Operas were written about Americas sailors who fall in love with Asian women. All of western America from Washington State to Southern California enjoy its beaches.. Coastal Asian countries down to Australia all enjoy the fish and sea life.
Today it is a cargo highway bursting with international trade. If it is made in China or Japan it probably got here in a cargo ship crossing the Pacific Ocean. Giant ships with truck flatbeds of goods piled six trucks high by 15 wide per ship at times fill the horizon even in the middle of the ocean. It is huge but a very busy water highway.
In 2009, George W. Bush designated 195 thousand square miles of American waters as National Monuments. Why? Did he think developers were going to build something? How does he plan to preserve the ocean from well anything.. If there is a pollution disaster say from a leaky oil tanker he can’t save anything, its in the Ocean.
Well, at least now we know that George did something.

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