Friday, September 30, 2011

Ashton & Demi no Moore? They have been living on separate coasts for months. Rumor has it that they may be separating after 6 years of marriage. Photos of Ashton have been on line of him with “his mistress.” I know he has that great contract with Nikon a great camera company, couldn’t he control some of his pictures to remain private?
Star Magazine broke the story and has been interviewing the mistress and the couple has not been seen together lately. Ok! Who cares! America cares. This is the kind of crap Americans follow. But, it brings to the surface the inevitable path of women in society today. They were an extraordinary couple in that Demi was 20 years older than Ashton.
The reality is, Who is surprised that a 30 year old wants to bang a 20 year old? He has the choice between a naturally beautiful juicy 20 year old and a menopausal 50 year old who probably had some cosmetic work done? Demi looks much younger than her age and has kept herself looking great throughout the years. Few men can do that at any age. However, eventually the juices run dry. There I said it.
When she was 30 she looked 20, when she was 40 she looked 30. 50 is 50! Demi should have found a 20 year old again. But this time, don’t fall in love. Have the affair and move on. Don’t bring him home to your young children and say, “This is your new baby Daddy!” The sex at least must have been great! The couple have not released a statement about a break-up but all the gossip news is having fun.
This must bee real. In the past rumors have always surfaced about the possibility of a breakup but they always released a press release saying that they were still madly in love and followed up with legal action against the tabloid that spread the false statements. Not this time.
Ashton was interesting when they first got together in that he said. “I have nothing, no money so Demi must love me for me.” Well, now he has plenty of money with movies of his own, product endorsements and his new job replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. He slid into the role easily and the first show of this season featuring Ashton was the most watched show that night.
Maybe the guy has realized that he is not a kid anymore and he spent the last 10 years not really going out with anyone else. Marriage is a sham these days. No one really stays with anyone an lifetime. Especially the guys that are tall, dark and handsome throw in rich too, we may have another Charlie on our hands. Tabloids! Go get him!

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