Monday, September 5, 2011

Amy Winehouse didn’t have to die. I probably should have died last week from a hurricane that hit my home area hard. I lost a favorite 40 foot weeping willow tree that thankfully decided to sway away from my house or I would have died. Lost power and because all the communication companies decide to have you pay one low price for cable, internet and phone, when their power lines goes down, you loose all communication with the outside world. Thankfully it lasted only one week. However, Amy Winehouse didn’t have to die.
The drugs hurricane swept her up years ago and it seemed that no one could stop her. She even made a song about not going to rehab famous. They say she did not die of an overdose. They just found her dead in her London apartment. Who cares! We care. She was talented with a blues style in her voice just like all those great black singers of the 30’s and 40’s. She was thin with an exotic beauty. Some compare her nose to Barbara Strisand’s. I think she was a waste of a great talent that all noticed and did nothing to protect.
Was she an addict beyond salvation? She was just 27 years old. She also had an eating disorder. What a mess, but many still loved her and did not discount her life as she did. She smoked a tremendous amount of cigarettes and had emphysema. Publicly she showed her struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. She was out there and all knew her problems. She didn’t have to die. Someone could have intervened and got her interested in anything else that would not destroy her life.
Society should be her cause of death. Everyone reveres drinking, clubbing, smoking and drug taking and thinness as the ultimate in having a good time and looking good. She just wanted to be good. Yes, a good looker so don’t eat. Drink with the best, so be a drunk, Hold a cigarette like the old movie stars of the 30’s and 40’s, spend every night in a club and sing like the best. She did it all in a short period of time. Society killed her.
There are videos of her smoking crack. She sang about weed and smoked pot all the time. She was a player and all the guys went along. No one saved her from her. They thought it was funny and cool. No paraphernalia or other sign of drugs were found in Winehouse’s home. Either someone cleaned out her house first or her body just said no more and could not take the stress of not partying anymore. One of her security guards found the body.
People are uncaring and selfish. One of her last concerts, she was booed off the stage because the paying public did not get a top performance. She was obviously high, could hardly stand up and forgot the words to her songs. You went to see the train wreck, you got to see it in full force. Help her. Don’t selfishly criticize her just because you paid for a ticket. If you want to see her at her best, buy her recording that she took limitless time recording to get it a marketable perfect.
In 2008 she did the Rockin’ Rio Festival in Rio and acted the same way. Everyone knew she was over the top in problems. No one intervened. How did she live so long! That was 2 years ago and nothing got any better for her. There is also a bit of sexism here. When a male rock star is high on stage everyone cheers in the audience that he is the personification of rock n roll. When a woman is high on stage, she is a mess and is horrible. She should not have been left alone for more than 2 minutes at a time even then. Society killed her.
She should have been scooped up and put under conservatorship. Her own mother Janis Winehouse said, “It was only a matter of time” before her daughter died. Amy was constantly in an environment that promoted her addictions. She needed to be arrested in an airport with drugs on her or something where the law could intervene and determine her legally incompetent. No, her enablers were good at hiding her drugs and stuff. She had the greatest sneaks in her inner circle. She never got caught with illegal substances.
Four years ago her own father said, “There is no one to blame but Amy.” He gave up on her and set her freer to do anything. He insists that for a time, she was in one program or another every two weeks. However, she was also making her Millions of dollars in the society of clubbing that promoted her addictions. Society is a disease. Studies have proven that you have to be a few months sober before the frontal lobe of your brain is capable of learning new information. So, the ability to learn a new lifestyle takes time and patience. No one gave her the time, she was making too much money right where she was.
Celebrity support systems keep them in the partying life style. Back in 2006 she was seen at South by Southwest, a big music festival in Texas where she looked frail and high then. At this time her second album was released Back to Black. She reminds you of Billy Holiday and recently she recorded with Tony Bennett. She only had 2 albums and was currently working on her third. She was a musical genius and should be remembered for that.

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