Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Northeast has been closed down. It is the first time in my lifetime that all airports, trains, subways bridges and roads to seacoast areas are shut down. The reason is for safety in a hurricane, People everywhere cannot even return home under these transportation conditions. The Governors have asked the President for emergency funds in advance of the storms arrival anticipating mass destruction. Of course Obama granted the money to the states because that is how he is a generous guy with other people’s money. He did cut short his Vacation. Maybe because he is in a area surrounded by ocean waters. Not fun in a hurricane.
So, there aren’t any protests. People spend more money on gas, food, flashlights, batteries all the essentials when your home is destroyed. The Presidents spend a lot of time on vacation and when they aren’t on vacation they are at that mysterious place called Camp David which is rumored to be a vast very private playground for the current President.
If they are not at Camp David or on vacation, they are at the golf course. Regan spent a lot of time horseback riding. No wonder the finances of our government are a complete mess. If they are actually meeting with a foreign leader to discuss peace. It is never near any war zone to create a sense of urgency to solve the problems of the world, no, the meetings take place in lavish palaces while the taxpayers are struggling.
This bad behavior is not even shunned upon anymore, It has become public knowledge.
We have to refer to George Bush who never had a thought out political process before, during or after his reign in the Presidency. Remember he is the guy that allowed 9-11 to happen; read about it in my blog of August 25th. He allowed defense contractors to delay the use of importation communication computers to track the terrorists that were planning the attack. We had the phone conversations and never read them on time to stop the disaster.
Perhaps if any of these Presidents would spent more time in the White House working, they could use their executive powers to be more involved in the safety of this country. Here is a direct quote of Bush on a golf course,” We must stop the terror. I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorists killers. Thank You. Now watch this drive.” What a stupid pompous jerk!
Here are the facts: so far , Obama has taken 61 vacation days off after 31 months in office.
At this same point George Bush had taken 108 vacation days off.
Ronald Regan took 112 vacation days off. Bill Clinton took only 28 days off on vacation.
Ok, we can understand why Bill Clinton took only 28 days off on vacation after 31 months in office. He worked. He solved problems. He balanced the budget with a surplus of funds. He accomplished things for America while on the phone, while receiving blow jobs from Monica Lewinski. He was the true multicast;
So, as parts of America are being flooded, financially defunct, experiencing earthquakes and spending their last dollar on hurricane preparedness. Lets support our Presidents while on vacation. Their vacation. We are in our cold, damp basements surrounded by shit from the over flooded skeptic system.

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