Thursday, August 11, 2011

We need good role models in the entertainment field. Most child actors we saw on TV had tragic adult lives or ended careers. A lot of child actors get into drugs and tragically die. Sometimes even their parents squander their earnings and are left with little money in their adulthood. There are two young actors that survived their on screen childhood and even found love together and are raising their two already successful children. Very simply they are the Smiths.
Who is a talented actress, a loving mother and half of a hollywood power couple? Jada Pinkett. She is currently also the star and executive producer of the TNT series Hawthorne that is now in its third season. Her marriage to actor Will Smith for 14 years has also placed the couple in the category of a “power couple” in the industry. They both started in the entertainment industry at a young age and their movies still generate lots of money.
Very few actors have ever been able to introduce their children in the industry with as much success as this power couple have. They have produced The Karate Kid together. Their two children Jaden and Willow have already achieved their individual successes as well. It is obvious that the children are following in their parents showbiz footsteps. Will has been known to tell his kids, “I have a lot of money, you don’t.” He hires tutors and teachers for all subjects and activities for the children so they can quickly be proficient in music, dance , sports education and anything else they can fit into a day.
Jada admits that the children has grown up in the entertainment industry and that is all they know. Somehow, they are still well adjusted. She stresses self love and respect therefore they will give love and respect to others. The problem with most child actors is when they get to 18 years old and are able to be in charge of all that money they made as a child, they tend to go wild and do drinking and drugs and anything else the were told not to do in their childhood with all the money they want now.
In her younger years Jada remembers her own problems with drinking straight Vodka. She stopped drinking altogether 13 years ago. She worries more these days with sexting on the internet. Lots of kids are sending nude pictures to each other. We certainly did not need congressmen doing it too. Not very good role models out there these days.
Apparently any project the Smiths touch becomes a money making hit. So, whip your hair back and forth like 10 year old Willow does all the way to the bank. Or, be the latest Karate Kid like Jaden does to his bank, or be a Man In Black like Will does to his bank or star in Hawthorn your own TV series to Jada’s bank. Get your family into shape only doing things you can make money on like the Smiths.

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