Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Americans are great people and very tolerant. The American government is comprised of bloated rich opinionated blobs that are currently doing nothing right for the American people. Currently Verizon is trying to cut much needed benefits from their faithful workers so the company could cut costs. How about Richard Branson, the owner of Verizon sell his tropical island to pay for his bills!
The government is trying to raise the tolls on bridges to $12 one way to pay for their shortfalls. As far as everyone knows, salaries aren’t going up. The American people are lucky enough to have any job at all. The high profit companies that use the bridges should have to pay higher tolls to offset their big profits that never get taxed.
Our financial crisis can be attributed to our sex crazed congress that can’t seem to attack the $14 trillion deficit problem. Far bigger is other balance sheet problems. For example, Medicare is $80 trillion and Social Security is $7 trillion unfunded. Our credit rating has defaulted What does that mean? It means the American dollar can quickly become the Mexican peso, not worth much!
Our AAA rating is now gone. Yes, our government is as poor as the American people are with bad credit. Now interest rates are up even for the money the government borrows. We should never bail out the banks again. Politicians do not understand finance. They are personable people that can deliver a heart warming speech and collect large amounts of money at fundraisers. We need financial wizards in politics. Not the current group of Republicans that simply pray to their God to change things.
We need to get serious with poorly run essential companies. Obama was well intentioned by giving companies bail out money. But he just gave GM and AIG cash with no congressional committees to oversee the spending process. When a teenager totals his car, you just don’t give him money to buy a new sports car. No, he has to work hard for his next car or he walks. Even Diane from Ohio knows that.
Harry Markopolos, the author of No One Would Listen, a book about being a whistleblower of Madoff for years but the SCC did nothing, has a great idea as to what to do with our current group of troubling companies. Any failing company does not deserve a bail out any more. No one helps the American people when we need money!
The fear that the consequences would have been greater is bull crap. The CEO’s of those companies showed up in their private jets to get American people tax money! What they should have done is zero out the shareholders, nationalize the companies, turn them over to the bond holders. Tell them your bonds are worthless but now you own the equity. Any money or liquidity you need the federal reserve will stand up and provide you cash.
Throw the CEO, CFO and the risk officer of any company in trouble OUT fire the bastards that already pocketed millions in bonuses and inflated salaries largely untaxed. America is about to default. Let the banks we saved save America! Lend us money and we’ll pay you back uh whenever duh!
Why the delays? America is broke because we have three parties. The Democratic, The Republicans and the Tea Party group all fighting with each other with no compromises. The tea party is known for their peaceful protests. The democrats want everything for free and the new Republicans run by the Christian rite want to pray for change.
The bottom line is that Bill Clinton had a budget surplus, George Bush gave us the deficit, the recession, the deregulatory craziness, and Obama cleaned out any pennies left in the jar and gave money away to failing private companies. Under Obama our debt doubled in only three years!
Americans love America! During World War II all the men were overseas and all the women were working their jobs as well as the men’s jobs. After 911, patriotism was at an all time high and everyone pitched in to help. Some of our best soldiers were recently killed in a helicopter accident and since 911 our children have been volunteering to fight and die and to come home dismembered for this country.

The only thing we all participated in recent years was the Cash for Clunkers program offered by the government. It worked a little but they destroyed all the old cars given in so now parts are scarce to repair our existing cars and we can not get credit to purchase new cars.  It also was a greater advantage for foreign car companies than American car makers. The only American company that did well was Ford and ironically they were the only ones not bailed out by the government.  It was actually an enviornmental program to increase average gas millage and not an economic stimulas.

It is very simple. Taxes bring in money for the government. Jobs take taxes out of wages. Create jobs. Give a commission to any company that hire people and give them a pay check. People are working, paying taxes, saving our country from financial disaster. Stop spending money on wars, poorly run companies and tax corporations that take money from Americans.

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