Monday, August 1, 2011

We can not get anything done. America need an organized work force. We need a job for everyone. Name an animal that builds cities, recycles, hitch hikes, and farms. Not humans. Ants. We need to learn from ants. Look down and observe. Ants manage their own complex societies right under our noses. Even if you don’t want them at your picnic, you have to admire all that they do.
Most people think of ants as something to get rid of especially if we see them in the house. In some countries they dominate the population. They can go under rocks and climb into every flower. Just in the rain forests in Belize there are several hundred different types or species of ants. They build roads and work together to collect food. They work together to feed their empire.
Everyone pitches in. There is no welfare. No Medicare or food stamps. An ant will carry a injured ant to safety. Teams of ants will go out to retrieve a missing ant even if it is dead. They respect each other and they do not have time for wars. Even when an ant carries a leaf for food another smaller any will jump on the leaf for a free ride. No problem. All hitch hikers welcome. Could any human welcome others to share a ride?
The ant knows the essence of car pooling. They live in societies of millions. They create colonies of various levels. They move quickly with no traffic jams in the same direction, no u turns. They are farmers that know they have to feed their millions. They take their leaf parts, crumble it, make a paste and are nourished with a very nutritious blend of products from the earth. Humans poison each other with cancerous sugar filled trans fatty products harmful to our health.
Ants don’t just create farms, they make highways, assembly lines and underground cities. They come in all shapes and sizes but somehow they know their jobs and what they are suited for. They are born with their identity. There are soldiers, nurses, sanitation workers and highway construction workers. They are not smart. According to Deborah Gordon a Professor of Biology at Stanford University, they do it all without a boss.
Lets throw out all our bosses and let us just get the work done! In an ant colony there is no one in charge. No bureaucrats, no foremen, no managers, there is no one telling anyone what to do. No time to make anyone feel inadequate. The queen does not make rules or any proclamations. Her job is to sit there and lay eggs. The “town” of ants are run by the females.
Admit it. A good home is run by a woman. Even humans know that women have no time for wars or any other nonsense. The male ants just mate once and die. What a way to go! All the females work together and thrive all without a leader. Sounds like the typical successful household. We put a lot of effort into how to organize things and put them into groups. Ants don’t waste time organizing; they just do the work. They simply follow the crowd that looks like them and do the same job.
South West Airlines wanted to know the most efficient way to get passengers on a plane. Doug Watson, a system annalist at the airline knew that ants do complicated things with simple rules. He discovered there is a better order in taking your seat. He determined the most efficient way to board a plane. Open seating is now employed at that airline. South West now boards people without seat numbers. Too much time was being wasted with assigned seating.
People would waste time looking for their seat and then usually got up 2 more times letting other people in to get to their assigned seat and then there was the confusion when you sat in the wrong seat. Now there is first come first served and settling in goes much quicker. Ants are not smart but they are efficient good workers. It pays to be a little stupid. Don’t waste time thinking, just do it!

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