Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why are Americans so fat? Even tourists who visit this country for only 2 weeks, put on the pounds. I think all the junk that is put up front and center in our supermarkets have something to do with our fat. The health food aisles are empty of shoppers and are put to the sides of the store. Everything is expensive there and the unknown brands never go on sale. How about a health food commercial on TV every minute instead of a drug commercial listing more side effects than remedies!
Most visitors to this country are happy to have some land to call their own and most Europeans grow their own little gardens full of fruits and vegetables. Most Americans don’t grow anything. They just go to the fast food stores for a quick meal that is very unhealthy. Every smoothie or promoted soft drink is full of sugar, nothing healthy. Why are American food and beverage companies trying to kill their customers?
There is a new documentary out called ‘Forks over Knives” that everyone should see. It is put together by Dr. T. Colin Campbell a Professor, Emeritus of Nutrition, at Cornell University. The story goes back about 2,000 years, a story of nutrition that American food companies have forgotten. It deals heavily on not using animal meat. It dwells on a whole foods plant based diet. How are we supposed to afford that? Fruits and vegetables are some of the most expensive foods in the supermarket.
It is the easiest way to avoid cancer from meats, trans fats from processed meats, sugar from cookies and sweet processed deserts, nitrates from bacon and cold cuts. Obesity rates are over 20% in this country and only one state does not have an obesity problem. Why is good nutrition news to most Americans? I think it is because we don’t get a toy with it like what you get with a “happy meal” from Mc Donald’s. Why is it called a happy meal? You probably are worse after you eat that junk.
Our health information has been fed to us wrongly. As usual, big business dictates what Americans do. The food pyramid is a joke. It was promoted by the dairy industry. Humans are the only species on earth that even drink the milk from another species. Bill Clinton is a new follower of a whole foods diet. He doesn’t have to jog away the pounds if you don’t put them on.
Our government is bought by lobbyists from the food industry not from wholesome farmers. The Professor throughout the years witnessed where science met policy and unhealthy foods from boxes were promoted. Americans should depend on ourselves for good fresh foods because you literally do not know what you are buying and it is probably cheap to produce and unhealthy to consume.
Our Doctors are drug dealers bought out from the pharmaceutical industry. Nutrition isn’t even taught in medical school. When you go to your doctor with a problem, they never ask you what you eat. They also never tell you what foods to eat to help a condition. They will write you a prescription for a pill that costs $400 a bottle and never predict when you are cured.
Telling people what to eat got to be a political agenda. Food is a political football. Michele Obama even started a White House garden to try to be a role model for good foods. She should take it a step further and encourage all citizens to have their own gardens. How about tax breaks for those who do maintain their own fresh foods! Nope, that would be a good idea and a healthy idea that doesn’t make money for the big unhealthy highly promoted food companies.

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