Saturday, August 13, 2011

Throw your depression drugs out. There are more side effects associated with the pills than any good. The side effects will get you depressed again anyway. Learn from the Japanese. The solution to inner peace and happiness lies in your garden. You get satisfaction from tending to your garden and a feeling of pride even if it is just a small rock garden on your desk at the office.
A well laid out garden or carefully designed lay out of planted trees can sooth your soul. Any group of trees planted in the 50’s are full grown beauties by now. The Apian Way in Rome is fully lined with trees leading to the center of Rome for Centuries. Washington D.C. is known for its Cherry blossom trees. Kyoto, Japan is known for its gardens.
Flowers , trees and water are missing from its gardens. Yes, the notion we have of a garden is very different. Zen simplicity is key in Japan. Large rocks rest on moss surrounded by white rock gardens. For mankind, perfection is always beyond reach. So, tending the rock garden is relaxing but necessary.
Japan went so rock crazy because everyone wants the unattainable. Japan is a very damp country. It is a jungle when untamed. So, it is remarkable when someone has the patience and diligence to keep each and every green thing from growing which grows quickly in that climate. Throughout the years, there was a craving for open space, a sand lot in the middle of the jungle.
Not growing much is a lot harder than it sounds. Around every temple there, you will find a pristine white rock garden. Near their tea houses, there are gardens with large round stepping stones that lead to the tea room. The thought process near the tea rooms is that as you approach the tea house, you try to keep your balance and therefore gain the concentration needed for the tea ceremony.
Think of the garden as a painting, of larger things like mountains , plains and valleys. Gardens are made to please the eye and sooth the soul. So, get a box with tiny stones in it, rake them into various directions till you calm down, are pleased with your designs and have a feeling of accomplishment. Throw out your depression drugs and be happy with life and be glad that you are alive for just another day.

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