Sunday, August 14, 2011

Americans can be very stupid. Many are still out of work and complain about the government saying, “I ain’t got nothing. I’m on food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid.” Well, dummies, in most countries, the people don’t have an emergency plan to provide food, shelter and medical services for FREE. However, we can also learn from our Socialist friends in Europe that under their plans, get a lot more from their governments.
We say we hate Socialism when we think of World War II and leaders like Stalin and Lenin but have we taken a good look at us lately? Americans have SOCIAL Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, Welfare, Bail Outs and Farm Subsidies. The American people are in denial about their love of Socialism. All of the above mentioned are freebies of our government.
The voting public doesn’t want less spending on healthcare, meanwhile we have the unhealthiest population on earth and spend the most on care related products. No one talks about getting rid of the pharmecutal companies with their highly unsafe products filled with side effects or cutting costs on health related services. 2 to 1 we want more healthcare. Only 7% of Americans are willing to do away with either Social Security or Medicare.
Unbelievably, even 62% of Tea Party members say those programs are worth the cost yet 91% of them say they want smaller government and fewer services. I think we all want checks and balances and wish we could fix things instead of just ask for more. People are so stupid. Many of the protestors are on Medicare to the tune of 40% and say they have not used a government program. Medicare is a government program. Who do you think paid for your hip replacement?
Even Candidate Michele Bachman whose philosophy is “less government” has taken advantage of many of our services. She works tirelessly to try to cut people off of services but it turns out that she takes farm subsidies for her farm, her counseling clinic takes Medicaid, her mortgage was underwritten by Freddie Mac. She knows civil servants are evil because she was one; a IRS agent. What a hypocrite!
In nice places like Switzerland and Sweden they enjoy high standards of living and freedom and they are considered Socialists. Studies show that they are happier than we are. Their brand of socialism is better because it is under control. For their tax dollars, Europeans get full health care coverage and a generous pension, day care, long paid vacations, maternity leave, free college and public transportation.
Our tax dollars are going to military basses, subsidies to oil companies, building bridges to nowhere, making new currency of presidents on coins that no one wants that go uncirculated left in storage shelves everyday and wars. Is there anything we can still do better than them anymore?

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