Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teenagers and men in their 20’s are the most dangerous people on earth. They have the fit bodies of mature men but they have the judgment and education of a flee. I did not mean to insult the flee. Their teachers in life are violent interactive video games like Mortal Combat that they play for hours perfecting their moves. The substitute teacher is violent movies that they can study on their recording devices right in their TV and view the most vile and disgusting scenes over and over again and freeze frame the dismemberment scenes.
When they are finished with that training, they move on to their Facebook or other cyber friending cite and organize their troops. Yes, even use Twitter to organize a time and place for attack. It is called a flash mob. Large groups of these young men black and white, members of any country , in Britain, in America in the Middle East are “showing up” in malls, on streets, in town squares having their way with all people.
Sometimes it is because of a political interest about overthrowing a dictator as in the Middle East when today the rebels reached Tripoli signaling the end of Ghadafi's rule or a economic protest about higher taxes as in Britain, or just looting in TV stores that sell all the stuff young men want as in Black America because of no jobs for them. And then there are the most dangerous spoiled brat kids that just want what they want NOW and nobody can control them. They will find a way to blow up a school because of alienation of a group. They are big, muscular, foolish and simply don’t have any morals. The kid who hasn’t been in a place of worship since he was 8 years old. They will even kill their Mom and Dad just to “party.” And one DID! RECENTLY!
The American sentencing system is a sham. We all know in our hearts that the young mother Casey Anthony had something to do with the death of her own daughter. Her “baggage “ is gone so she could “party” The young “good life” means drinking, sex, staying our till 3 in the morning, and doing drugs. Every reality show teaches them how to do it. Even religious Colleges have co-ed dorm rooms with 3 in the morning curfews for Freshmen! Do they even know these are negative influences?
Do you remember the Melendez brothers? They were two young men convicted of killing their parents back in 1989. We have a new waste of human flesh that is young muscular, tall and handsome. He is 17 year old Tyler Hadley that we have to say is accused of killing his parents in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The police say he used a hammer to kill them and that same evening hosted a party in their home hours later.
We know what on earth that motivated such a heinous act. Pop culture and all the negative influences in young people’s lives. Marriage is a sham. Most kids don’t even live with their biological parents, and If they do, society is investing in the separation of families. Even car manufactures boast of a different power supply portal for each passenger in the car. No one listens to the same music or looks at the same video device.
The arrogance or stupidity or simply lack of moral influences is the mind cite of a teen who throws a party with his dead parents still in the home. Police Chief Brian Reuther of the town’s force admits that this was the worst heinous case he has handled in 34 years of police work in Port St. Lucie. It was more violent than any other case he has seen. No one bludgeons another human being to death with a hammer no less your parents. He said, “The pounding with a 22 ounce framing hammer, the hits to the heads and torsos and the damage done to the bodies is unbelievable”. The police are still trying to put the pieces together as to the motivation for such rage. There were about 40-60 teens in that house that evening.
Hadley invited around 50 people to a party at his home via Facebook. Those people are being questioned for information about that day. Hadley tried to hide the dead parents by covering them with towels, books and anything else he could find in the home. Friends said that Hadley said before at times, that he would kill them but didn’t believe that he was serious about his comments. They say ecstasy was probably taken that day by Hadley.
The judicial system has failed with all juveniles. The problem is that there is no death penalty for a 17 year old. Because of the type of crime this is , Hadley will be tried as an adult. If convicted he will probably get life in prison as a sentence. The sentencing is different for each state. In Connecticut, you can be tried as an adult at 16, in New York at 17, in Florida at 18 but you can still waiver the age limit depending on the severity of the crime. This is based on the mental capacity of the criminal. If the crime was the actions of an adult you waive the age limit up, if the crime was the actions of an extremely immature child, the age limit goes down to be tried as a juvenile.
One teen admits to seeing an area with bloody sheets, broken picture frames with blood on them and the father’s leg. The friend said he was in shock, sat down and didn’t know what to do. Yes, even the witnesses to a crime do not immediately report it. Many kids are jaded and don’t even know what is the right thing to do at a crime scene. Neighbors did not know Tyler well enough to comment on his general behavior. The family was on vacation together just a week before the crime. Neighbors said they seemed to be a nice family throughout the years.
Tyler’s best friend knew that he said he would kill his parents and put the invitation to the party on Facebook. The friend thought he was joking. At 5:00 Tyler told his friend that he had killed them before the party at 9:00. At 1:00 in the morning, Tyler revealed the bodies to his friend. Hadley has some kind of anti-personality disorder because he acted completely “normal” during the party.
The friend also reported that Hadley had 10 Perkoset pills and was going to take them after the police found out what he had done. He had already taken 3 Ecstasy pills. Most people believe that ecstasy makes you feel happy and what you dreamed about doing sexually more enhanced however, if you mix ecstasy with mental illness, it tends to lower your inhibitions. So, if you dreamed about something violent, the rage is enhanced. These idiot kids do not even know the drugs they are dealing with!
Lest we forget the young man Gerald Loftner who was responsible for the massive shooting that tried to kill Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford . He has now been considered so mentally ill from drugs that he is unfit to stand trial. This is out of control worldwide. Society needs to intervene in a more effective way. Drugs need to be carefully monitored. Doctors and pharmacies need to be held accountable for the distribution of drugs. We need a tight family unit again devoid of violence under the guise of entertainment. Shows like Dexter should be banned. Watch your back even at home. Jeez!

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