Sunday, August 21, 2011

He’s a nice kid. Well, he’s not a kid anymore. He’s a huge success and he is not involved in any “Late Night Wars” that we hear about from other Late Night Talk Shows. He is nominated for three Emmy Awards and has a new book out. He is Jimmy Fallon that I already wrote about on 6-21-11. Look at that blog again that focused on his personal life.
His show is “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon “ of which I’m sure he got the show because of the connections that his wife had and because of his association with Lauren Michaels from “Saturday Night Live.” Maybe this should be about Lauren and how he fostered young talent and helped them to achieve great careers in the entertainment field. The list is so long we’ll have to write about the successes separately.
He is the youngest to have his own talk show and published “Thank You Notes” which are silly stuff created by his writers for a bit on the show that he decided to publish from 2 and ½ years on the air so far. Leno , Letterman none of the other guys got a nomination. Remember that Fallon took over as the host of “Late Night” in 2009. He replaced Conan O’Brian that was previously on for an incredible 16 years and nobody misses him.
Fallon has proven that he is good looking, humbled and sweet and brings all his sketch experience from SNL to his show and makes it interesting like the old Johnny Carson did when he dressed up in costumes and did silly skits. He has spoofed Jimmy “J-Bro” from The Jersey Shore, only he does shots, tans and drinks, yes STD’s. Funny. He likes to spoof that show because those people are so unlike most people.
Letterman and Leno have experience from stand up comedy, they really do not do sketches. Jimmy can do a monologue now too. Not so funny is Fallon’s music impressions. But he can do it. He likes to spoof Dylan and Neil Young on his guitar while singing Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair Back and Forth.” Strange but it fills air time and his brand of humor is becoming addictive to his viewers.
One thing he didn’t have to do on SNL was to dress like a woman, well, he did it on his show and spoofed the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as not such a bad looking woman. After that, he sympathizes with all the effort women go through from hair to toe nails to look great. He now has a greater appreciation for a good looking girl.
Part of his charm is that he will not criticize anyone. Recently George Lopez publicly said horrible things about Jay Leno, hence his talk show is cancelled for next season. Remember Lopez took a kidney from his wife and then divorced her. Creep! Jimmy will not get involved in the old guys fights. This kid, might just be the fresh air we need late at night.
Every Friday as one of his comic bits he wrote sarcastic Thank You notes. The audience loved it along with Facebook and Twitter followers so, why not write a book listing the notes? For example, “Thank You, guy with the $10,000 sound system in his $800 car for driving down Broadway this afternoon. You’re loud, you’re proud . You’re in a 1984 Turcell! “
Fallon is getting to be so big that he now has a Ben & Jerry flavor of ice cream named after him. The kid is good but is he of Newman status? Ben & Jerry’s created “Late Night Snack” ice cream in honor of Fallon & his show. The proceeds from the sales of the ice cream will go to Fair Trade University. They deal in small companies to be able to share the profits with small farmers that produce the vanilla bean. The idea is to promote small farmers that can’t compete with the large farms. Well, maybe nice guys don’t finish last.

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