Sunday, July 17, 2011

You got to be rich to be a politician in America at least rich to be President. Mitt Romney recently declared that he is the front runner in the race for the Presidency that is two years away. He is also a wealthy man. On his website he will not admit that he instituted health care reform in Massassachutes and is very successful. It is the healthiest state in the country. His book is called No Apology. He tries to portray a very tough guy stance.
He is a Republican Governor in a Democratic state who will vote against health care reform meanwhile his state is the poster boy for the program. Unlike Obama, he comes into the Presidential arena with 25 years of private sector experience. Yes, a successful businessman. However, business experience does not necessarily make you a good President. Remember George Bush that ruined every business he owned.
Bill Clinton lost his Presidency over a blow job but he had the country in far better financial shape than the last 10 years. When Mitt Romney announced that he was running for President recently in Iowa, only 299 people showed up. He does have that model Politician good looks. His big claim to fame is that he is a successful businessman.
Does that claim make you better than anyone who does not claim to be a businessman? Obama never ran a business, he was a community organizer. He has proven to be effective. Obama had the whole country rooting for change. I believe he has something to do with all the middle east rising against their long time dictators. Obama was helping poor people. He ‘s a looser. There is no money in helping poor people!
Romney on the other hand is all business. In his speech he said,” Unlike President Obama, I know how jobs are created and how jobs are lost.” Yes, especially the lost part. If you look at what Romney’s former Company Bayne Capitol does, it buys companies and revamps them by “cost cutting” otherwise known as firing people and then sells them for a profit.
It is great for him to get a profit but not so great for those who are out of a job so he can buy another lavish vacation home to fit all his Mormon tribe in. His other business success story besides Baynes Capitol is the Staples chain of business supplies stores. He thinks this record could really help him in his campaign.
He misses the point in that government is not about turning a profit. It is about taking care of the things that shouldn’t have to turn a profit. You can’t make everything better with business. If he wants to win anything, don’t shout about your unfair business practices, but shout that you was Governor of a highly educated state and that your main accomplishment was universal healthcare.

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