Friday, July 15, 2011

Love thyself! Do it yourself! Why ask someone to do something you can do yourself? After all, masturbation IS with someone you love. The question is, can it help a relationship or destroy a relationship? Should you just do it when the opportunity arises or should you wait for your sexual partner for the real intercourse thing? Is it selfish or just another way to feel better?

It can spice up a relationship. The biggest problem these days is, Who has the time? Everyone is so busy one doesn’t have time for thyself. This past May was National Masturbation Month. You missed it? Studies noticed that many people were Masturbating in their cars to or from work or in traffic jams. And you thought that guy in the next car just liked the music he was playing!
A lot of people just don’t know how to do it. Well. It is pretty easy for a man. After all, men have this jiggley package of stuff attached to him outside of his body. Any contact or wind can get him started in a second and many men can finish within minutes. Even if he strokes himself, well, done. If you rub something long enough, something happens. However, a woman has her most important parts hidden between her legs.
Women have orgasmic issues. They have problems getting an orgasm. Many women have problems masturbating. Being able to slow down, relax, disconnect from troubles is harder for women. Many women have to seek help in achieving an orgasm through masturbation. Women need a tool box at times loaded with vibrators and dildoes even kielbasa. They even have dildo parties like the old Tupperware parties. It is a huge business.
Years ago the masturbation devices looked like vacuum cleaners, now, there are things as small as a lipstick container. There is a app on the I Phone where you can turn it into a vibrator. The I Pad is a little big for that! Now you can buy a vibrator off the shelf in most drug stores. Has the stigma of masturbation gone out of society? Trojan sells a vibrator sold in stores next to the condoms and Tums. There are websites that sell all shapes and sizes that are very powerful with a long battery life.
America is a very puritanical society. This country is historically anti-masturbation. The founder of your favorite Kellogg cereal was very anti-masturbation. He thought it was the devil’s work. He developed all sorts of chastie belts and gadgets to prevent access to your own body. He developed corn flakes because he thought it was an anti-masturbatory food in men. There was a movie starring Matthew Broderick called The Road To Wellville that was all about the eccentric life of Kellogg and his practices.
Since we are here, can pornography help or hinder your sex life with your partner? Some feel it can get you in the mood, where as, some can get jealous if you are stimulated by someone on a screen and not from the person next to you according to Ian Kerner, CNN Health Sex Columnist. The sex organ is really your brain sending out messages to your sexual organ.
You can get addicted to porn. Especially if you rather stay home and watch it than attend social events or even wish to be with your partner over a geed video. With the internet it is all access anytime day or night in the privacy of your home. More convenient than drugs or alcohol. It can become a problem in adjusting your life patterns. It is important to save some energy and desire for your relationships. NOW STOP THAT!

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