Friday, June 24, 2011

The world has not learned anything from its disasters and decisions from the past. No lessons learned even from the recent past. Why? Greed and Power and Money. What else is new? After taking a step back in the aftermath of Japan’s nuclear disaster this year, energy hungry China is supposedly cautiously moving ahead with its ambitious nuclear energy program.
Are they stupid? Don’t they know the world doesn’t even know where to put the waste from this kind of energy? Cancerous radiation just gets airborne in the wind? And Blah Blah Blah of how dangerous it is to all life on earth? What is wrong with wind, or solar or power from a fast moving force of water????? Why can’t the world care enough?
According to a statement posted on the Web site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the vice minister, Li Ganjie, told a visiting delegation from the United States that China had completed an inspection of the country’s 13 nuclear power plants. The statement implied that the plants had passed the test, which was announced in April after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster in Japan.
Japan’s crisis has not derailed Beijing’s energy program. By October, Mr. Li said, the ministry will have tested 28 plants under construction. Until those inspections are completed, China will not approve the plants for operation. The decision to move forward was not a surprise. With China’s energy demand estimated to be rising by 12% a year, the country’s leaders have declared nuclear power to be an important part of China’s energy future. The old image of China’s people being farm laborers moving oxen with bales of wheat on the sides of the animal is over. China is the same polluting industrial country now just like any other super power.
The main issue is China’s new demand for more and more power. Even other growing countries like India, declared that they were moving ahead with their nuclear plans. The problem is carelessness that is being known for Chinese stuff. Lead paint in their toys, inferior regulations enforced in their collapsing buildings, the joke, if it is made in China, it will be broken real soon. Should their reputation with carelessness also be proved with nuclear power?
Some Chinese sites are near densely populated areas or the coast, where they may be susceptible to the sort of tsunami that hit the Japanese plant in March. What are they going to do with the used nuclear fuel? China stores its fuel at the sites of nuclear plants. But, unlike Iran, another country with nuclear plants, China already has nuclear weapons, so shouldn’t we worry that they might reprocess the fuel and create weapons-grade plutonium? They already own America with all the money they are lending us with our ever rising deficit? Someone should care.

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