Friday, June 24, 2011

We have to get this country's spending under control. Obama is getting ready for re-election by taking out Osama and pulling troops out of Afghanistan, but what about the deficit? He was spending money like a basketball player with a cash advance on a great contract. He just wants to raise the ceiling on money owed. Can I go to any bank and simply say , “Raise the limits on my loans, give me more cash, maybe I’ll pay you back later!”
Our problems are not within our power to solve. It can be very easy to solve. The Federal giant budget deficit is a problem. Problem solved by raising taxes. The fact of the matter is that federal tax revenues haven’t been this low since the 1950’s. Raise the taxes or even START taxing the large corporations like GE that do not pay taxes. Tax the bastard CEO’s that make billions in salary’s and bonuses.
Get rid of the two wars we are funding and the recession. Forget bullets, shoot those tranquilizer darts at each other, play war, go to sleep for a few hours, wake up and take out the trash and make your world a better place. Stop sending our healthy youth overseas and bringing back their dead bodies or just torso’s when they left with perfectly functioning brains and arms and legs. Those soldiers need their body parts when they come home! Stop spending billions on war!
How do we get our huge deficit under control? Get a calculator. Cut corporate welfare. Slash the defense budget. Tax the rich. Support the Unions that created the middle class in the first place. Build infrastructure. Take the profit out of healthcare. Control the drug companies that can afford the endless Cialis and Viagra commercials. Build pipelines for water to desert areas from over swelling rivers flooding neighborhoods. The rich oil companies did it real quick in Alaska to get that oil where ever they wanted it. Use our troops to put out the fires that are raging uncontrollably in the west.
Just the drought conditions in Texas alone from April to June of this year has taken over much of the state. Ranchers are selling their cattle because there is no wheat or graising grass left on their ranches. Obama is visiting Puerto Rico and Africa on a grand vacation while our country is suffering. At home we have the Tea Party crazy Christians simply saying God will provide. While we are waiting for God’s second coming, we can do much more here while we are waiting. Stop the Crap!

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