Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mother F**K er on Broadway! I never thought I would live to see that on a marquee on Broadway but there it is on lights. It could only be the work from a comic. Most comics have clean as well as dirty acts. Chris Rock is trying to go clean with a dirty name for his new show on Broadway; yes, not at the Comedy Club.
He finally realizes that the money is in acts that do not include profanity. Why? Well for one, the show can be repeated all over TV without the annoying bleeps or dead sound where we have to leave to our imagination what was the curse word or what was the joke. He is the master of comedy. The Broadway show is for adults and is called “The Motherf**ker With The Hat.
For four months since he has been doing the show, he has a greater appreciation for the Broadway actor who works so hard. The story is about five New Yorkers that are connected by lust and addiction. He is used to cue cards to help him remember his lines as in Saturday Night Live or many takes as in his Movies but Broadway is all memory. His appreciation of this new stage represents the acting school he never went to.
His first movie had him in a bit part in Beverly Hills Cop II as Eddy Murphy’s parking attendant. At the time he idolized Murphy. He feels that Murphy gave him the start to fame. He had a job handing out programs at Radio City Music Hall and one day saw an open mike day at the Comedy Club, Catch A Rising Star and never left stand up again.
As a child he was bussed into the white neighborhoods. He complains that he had to get up a 6am to compete with white kids who didn’t have to get up until 8am. When he had poor grades, he said it was because he was tired not stupid. Since then he has produces 4 comedy specials and 5 albums and once named the Funniest Comic in America by Entertainment Weekly magazine.
He also wrote, stared in and directed his own films. Head of State was his 2003 comedy film. The thought of a black president was the far fetched funny plot. Little did we know that this film might have influenced some only 5 years later to vote in the first Black American president. Obama even used a bla bla statement ending in ‘That ain’t right” after it just like the movie. That movie got Obama elected!
He is also the creator, narrator and executive producer of a sitcom show called Everybody Hates Chris . It is an award winning TV show about his teenage years already in syndication all over the world.. That is sit back lets cash the checks money! In 2005 he hosted the Oscars and insulted and made jokes about too many celebrities present. They decided Not to invite him back.
Since then, he has kept a lower profile. Now at 46 years old he spends a lot of time with his wife and 2 daughters. He realizes that to keep famous you have to be good. Being rich is not about having a lot of money, being rich is about having lots of options. For now, option one is 8 days a week on Broadway.

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