Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now that all the royal horse manure has been cleaned up, lets talk about the picture perfect Royal Wedding. It is so sad that none of the fabulous royal jewelry was warn by the royal women at such a royal event. Even the wardrobe was very simple. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have a wedding that cost 30 million dollars and not have the suits and gowns without gemstones sewn into the fabrics as in Henry the 8th days.
As all the world knows, the Royal Couple is Just Married. Now the official photo album is available for viewing. If you were able to be there, great, but even if you were like most of us, you saw every minute on your TV. The news media coverage was great. They had cameras positioned from every tower and behind every pillar in church. The people of Britain were ecstatic and the Royal family was beautiful. It was a good change to see civilization and beauty being celebrated in a safe and calm spectacle of people. The only crowds we’ve been seeing lately in town squares were spectacles of death and destruction brought on by nature, politics or terrorism.
The official wedding portraits were recently released and show elegant poses of girls dressed in white, the men dressed in red military uniforms against a background of wealth and extravagance of wall sized oil paintings by famous renaissance artists and plush red walls and carpets. 1,900 people were invited and attended the packed church. The Queen wore yellow. Where was her crown? She wore a handbag. Why? Did she have to carry money to tip people? I don’t think so.
Where was her crown? If the Queen of England won’t wear a crown than who should? The world deserved to see the wealth the British have been hiding in vaults for years. The bride wore white where it was said that the seamstresses washed their hands every half hour when making the dress to prevent it from being soiled. Why? There wasn’t a single glittering diamond sewn into the fabric. They could have just rolled out the fabric behind her on the day of the wedding; no one would have known any difference.
There was a carriage ride to Buckingham Palace. The horses were trained not to defecate on the way. At the same time people in Libya are throwing their own shit at each other. All the curtains were closed at this palace of many windows. It’s the wedding day! Couldn’t they even open the curtains one day? The British people pay extra taxes for the windows and curtains. Give them a peek into the opulence of the spoiled royals! Even when they came out on the royal balcony for the all awaited kiss, the curtains were closed.
What a lame kiss. We see better kisses every day on commercials selling floor products each day. They knew it was lame so they gave us another lame kiss. Add both kisses up and it still wasn’t any better than two 4 year olds who hate each other that happened to bump into each other at the mouth.
The best part was when the two departed in their father’s Austin Martin to freshen up before the next party. They looked relived and relaxed and wealthy in the fabulous sports car but dressed elegantly. Why didn’t he throw up a kiss to heaven to his mother? The world was waiting for some reference to a tribute to her. So far all we saw was her ring on another woman’s finger. How about a moment of silence at the church service or a bouquet of flowers under a religious statue in remembrance of Diana. Nothing.
About a million people crowded the streets anywhere they were allowed to be in celebration of love, history and all things Britain. Now that the national party is over, the newest royal couple will make their home in one of the most private places on earth. They will live in the Welsh Island of Anglesey where William is based as a RAF rescue pilot. They will be there for 2 years with no servants and no press.
Royal privacy seems to be the real treasure among these people. Queen Elizabeth spent the first 2 years of her married life on a naval base on the island of Malta with her new husband Philip. She called that time, one of the happiest of her life. So, at the end of the day, common people want some royal treatment and the royals just want to be alone away from their crowns. The quest for happiness is so difficult to attain.

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