Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maids and housekeepers need a cheer. Not only do these people agree to clean your toilets and windows they are proud to do it even though no one tells them that the toilet looks and smells good. There are always stories about maids that have been the unspoken heartbeats of a household. There was the old movie staring Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and Audrey Hepburn called Sabrina in 1954. Later it was remade staring Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear and Julia Ormond in 1995. In that movie the chauffer made great investments and sent his daughter to France. She became a cultured woman who later falls in love and marries one of the rich guy brothers that her father worked for. The rich brothers developed a true romance for the servant’s daughter.
I am dwelling on the maid in Arnold Schwasenegger’s house who faithfully worked for him for 20 years in his sprawling mansion. All I can think of is this poor woman bending over to make his bed or clean his toilet and have to get F---ed in every room of the 50 room house. Then carry his child and keep it secret to save his reputation for years. Maybe she liked it and wanted it but she had a full time job cleaning his toilets as well. Should cleaning his pipes be included in the job description?
He did take care of her and bought her a 4 bedroom home with a pool. Now two other kids are being revealed as other ill legitimate children he fathered. How did he think all this was ok especially when he always spoke of him as being a family man all the way to being Governor of California? Does he think he could be like Ghengus Kahn who spread his seed all over Europe? If a kid is bench pressing toys and looks like Arnold, he could be his child. The next Kindergarten Cop movie will have all of Arnold’s kids in them.
I don’t blame the maid or any woman, they were obviously seduced by the man. The best story was about the late Johnny Carson’s producer’s maid. Johnny Carson was a famous late night talk show host. Fred De Cordova was his producer for all the years Johnny was on TV. He was well paid and bought a large mansion and also had a live in maid. The night Johnny announced to his audience about the tragic event that caused his son to die, Fred De Cordova the produced was telling Johnny to wrap it up and that he was spending too much time on that topic on the air. Johnny was furious. Even though he did not fire De Cordova as producer of the show, he never paid him well again.
Back to the producer’s maid. She was a faithful employee who worked for him for most of her life. She saved her earnings. Mr De Cordova’s wife hardly worked and outlived her husband. He left her penniless and soon to be homeless since Johnny Carson was not paying him well anymore.
The maid over the years spent her earnings on making an exact replica of the mansion and had it built in Mexico. Now the maid and his wife are spending their retirement in this mansion in Mexico living well and happy. ViVa the Maids.
Some of these faithful employees will clean your toilet, have sex while cleaning, and take care of you in retirement. Let’s hear it for the Maids!

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