Monday, April 18, 2011

What was the crap about shutting down the United States Government? No liar in a fancy suit in a big office in Washington tells the hard working tax paying American people they ain’t got no money!! Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich tried the same threat in 1995. Now John Bonher the Republican leader pussy with his tearful eyes and unbelievable tan are having a fight with the Tea Party people that insist government be cut or shut.
These phony’s choose to cut programs for kids, the poor and the jobless. Real novel phonies! Presently most of all America’s government funding is split three ways. Defense, Medicaid or Medicare and Social Security. None of these bloated areas have been chosen to be cut at all. The Republican majority has been in office only three months and they have decided to be as un-humanitarian as possible. Yes, we need weapons but we do not need to take care of our jobless or homeless which ironically is the future for many of our brave broken soldiers when the finally get to stop going to one of the three wars we are involved in.
The proposed cuts are in Education, Head Start, Pell Grants for College Students, Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, Planned Parenthood, National Institute for Health, Disease Control, Heating for Low Income Families. These bullies are cutting assistance for the least able Americans. Meanwhile a recent audit of just the Defense Department found 70 BILLION DOLLARS WASTED, GONE. Why aren’t these Republicans even suggestion cutting anything from the Defense Department?
Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont rightfully states, “While they are going after children and Head Start, nutrition programs for low income, pregnant women, Social Security Administration, Pell Grants etc. at a time when the middle class is disappearing and poverty is increasing, they haven’t thought of maybe after giving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 2% , maybe ask the richest people of this country to pay a nickel more in taxes so you don’t have to cut the Head Start Program” What a logical suggestion to those Republican rich whales!
The F-22 fighter plane featured on the cover of “The Weekly Standard” publication has never flown in combat anywhere; not in Afghanistan or Libya or Irac. The Defense Department has spent 70 Billion Dollars on that plane and we have never used it!! Just the bloated General Electric Company got a rebate on their taxes after they made 14.2 Billion Dollars. That is 14 Billion Dollars in PROFIT.
Instead the Republicans wish to interrupt programs that effect 11 Million families in well needed well documented programs. As the middle class is declining into the poor, the jobs being offered to them are low wages with no vacation time. Just many hours for part time workers. I spoke on a previous article about the need for unions. We have private Tea Party workers who get no vacations mad at the public workers who do get paid vacations instead of being mad at the large wealthy corporations that should be giving them vacations too.
The American workers are now working the longest hours a week than any other country on earth. In most countries in Europe, by law they are getting paid vacations by their government. Our exhausted work force is working 50-60 hours a week.
The cure is to demand that American corporations bring their money back to the United States. Yes, most corporations are multi-national but if you are American Citizens and enjoy all that America brings to you, you should pay taxes here and not have your Corporate address in Dubai or the Cayman Islands. Pay taxes on your income no matter where you make it as long as you are a citizen of this country. Your passport s shouldn’t just be a book of stamps of where you have visited!! America would be wealthy again where all the children would be healthy, all the women beautiful and all the men strong.

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