Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A dog in America has more rights and protections than your children in 20 states. We were all outraged even at the way terrorists were being treated in our prisons . We are outraged when animals are abused; even the animals we eat. But what about our children that are legally being spanked in schools in America? How and why is this acceptable? There has to be teachers that look forward to getting that paddle and striking a child every day. No wonder American children are failing in math and science. How can they concentrate on anything if they are constantly legally in fear of being physically abused? Remember, the teacher is judge and jury and abuser before anyone can negotiate the Why of the abuse. Your kid just goes home with bruises to try to explain.
Two hundred thousand students receive corporal punishment each year in 20 states in America. Yes, it is spanking in schools. Is it punishment or abuse. Why can teachers resolve students misbehaving in all the other states without physically harming their children? Even the “Super Nanny” from Britain does not go around hitting children that don’t even listen to their parents. In 20 states it is perfectly legal for the teacher to hit your child. If you report it to the police, your claims will be ignored.
There has been a family from Alabama who is fighting back with lawsuits. An honor student there was spanked after failing a Science test. Payton Lewis, the student said the teacher said that if you did not score high enough on the test you will be paddled with an 18 inch by1 inch thick piece of wood. He was berated for an hour and paddled and suffered bruises and black and blue marks. No one is testing him and the other 200,000 students that undergo this type of discipline in the schools.
Children are being paddled in young classes like Kindergarten classes at 6 years old. The mom, Melissa Lewis reported to the police and was refused any police action in this case. She insists that moderate force would not leave you black and blue. None of the school staff regards this as child abuse. Corporal punishment should not be allowed in any school anywhere by anyone anymore.
A fashion designer, Marc Ecko is campaigning to ban corporal punishment in the schools. He has organized a campaign to reach out to our elected officials through a website where you can petition to end this practice at Unlimitedjustice.com. Peyton’s story is the norm for these schools. Perhaps this is why one third of high school students are dropouts. We as a nation has dropped to 14th in the world in terms of our national ranking.
In ALL 50 states it is illegal to hit a prisoner or an animal. In Louisiana, the teachers can pinch and or use a belt and do it more than once. The teachers should not assume all the blame. It is a problem because of the system and the laws. Most people in America are not aware of these laws. It is outrageous and must be changed. The states Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming, Okalahoma, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia , South Carolina, etc. As a parent your child could be subjected to abuse. Take action.
Get an App for Senator Dan Patrick and click on your opposition and your vote will be taken. The content is already written for you. Or you can add content if you wish. For sure, no one can learn in a hostile environment filled with fear. Melissa is fighting back by suing the school and the teacher. Most students do not have sup portative Moms like Melissa to fight the system.

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