Friday, April 15, 2011

Is it finally good-bye Charlie for Charlie Sheen? The only ones “winning” in this runaway train wreck of a story are the tabloids. They haven’t been given raunchy stories since the Tiger Woods wreck. He has been offering very weird entertainment for a while that had nothing to do with his show. We all followed because he was the highest paid sit-com laugh track nonsense TV show actor. Was he acting or just playing a milder form of his real life persona.
We watched because Charlie like Tiger already had all the money there was to be had for their occupations. We are jealous of their highly paid salaries. We are in awe of the carelessness they boldly spent their money. Tiger on many women with bold conversations on his cell phone. Charlie having women right next door to his wife and children spending $30,000 a night just on one girl. Oh and the bricks of cocaine delivered to his posh hotel doors. We all know this is the secret life every man thinks of having but even if you can afford it, would never really do. Most men have morals and decorum.
We at first were shocked, then at awe saying yeah do what you want F everybody, then sad watching Tiger’s endorsement money fade away and Charlie’s family and show being taken away. They were both surrounded by beautiful wives and blessed with cute kids. But they needed more, on their terms and finally didn’t care what anyone thought and were reckless in their actions. Now Tiger can’t even play golf as he used to. Hardly the unstoppable champion. And Charlie physically looks and speaks like a crazy mental patient.
The bosses in Sheen’s case are fighting back and accusing him of showing up to the set unprepared, to looking sick and breaking the morals clause in his contract. Now we all have problems with our bosses and jobs that falsely accuse us of something but few of us has the balls to shout from the tops of buildings waving a machete and drinking weird red stuff and call it tiger’s blood. That only happens in comic books.
Lately he still thinks he could get his million dollar episode TV show back. Warner Brothers still insists on why they fired him and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with his wild lifestyle off the set. The documents given to Sheen’s lawyers say, “Your client has been engaged in dangerously self destructive conduct and appears to be very ill…for months before the suspension of production, Mr. Sheen’s erratic behavior escalated while his condition deteriorated. His declining condition undermined the production in numerous and significant ways. Now, the entire world knows Mr. Sheen’s condition from his alarming outbursts over just the last few weeks.”
They went further to site his inability to deliver lines, inability to collaborate with staff and crew, and his inability to perform on the show. They noticed that he lost 20 pounds since December and offered to take him by private plane to rehab. Ballsy Charlie declined the offer. So, your job just has to let you go! He becomes the silent hero that nobody dares to agree with, but we follow him. Most people would have faded away by now. Not Charlie.
He has achieved the distinction of once being the highest paid entertainer on TV. He recently became the most downloaded on Twitter and received the most followers in the shortest amount of time to get an App. I think he has stopped his train at the wrong station and has no where to go. Guys, go home to your wife. It’s just easier.

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