Friday, April 15, 2011

Are women better than men? That is the major debate in school yards at about 8 years old however, there are studies about everything; you need to know the latest results. Brace yourselves guys! Dan Abrams recently wrote a new book called Man Down. On the cover he advertises “Proof! Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better” Ok! Guys adjust your manhood and take the punch! Women are superior to men in many categories.
Some of the tasks tested were gambling, tolerating pain, avoiding getting hit by lightening and driving. I don’t believe it. Women don’t gamble on anything; they don’t know how to have fun. I’ll give them the tolerating pain when it comes to their period every month and having to pass kids out their tiny vaginas but they never make it in a street fight. Women can avoid the lightening because they don’t golf and they get off the beach once one cloud comes by. Driving!! If a guy and a girl is in a car I bet you’ll see the guy always driving her. She’ll score better because she hardly drives if she has the chance to not to have to. I can’t believe a guy wrote this book!
This guy who wrote this book just wants to get laid! Yes, it is a very complimentary book towards women. He insists that his findings were based on solid research and not just antidotal sayings. He found that women are better leaders, better world leaders. Why is our current world run by men? Well, the world powers are not doing so well with all the upheaval and mismanagement of governments and wars right now. If women were in charge they would say, put down your guns, pay the bills and take out the trash! They are smart enough to stay on the sidelines.
A PEW study graded women higher than men in 7 of 6 categories of political aptitude. In the middle east much of the information that was circulated was from women who still hide under their burkurs but were highly knowledgeable of facts. From serious to frivolous women rank better. Helen Fisher a Biological Anthropologist and author of “The First Sex” said, “ Men have superior talents in all kinds of spatial relations, they are more direct, more decisive, more tough minded, much better in engineering or math, mechanics or computer maintenance.”
As a teacher, I noticed that throughout the grades girls always had better note taking skills, always had plenty of pencils and pens and were willing to provide for the ill prepared boys and even let the boys cheat answers for them. By the time of high school the shift happened that the boys were much more willing to try hard at advanced math and science classes and the girls were concerned about their hair and nails. There! I said it!
The survey ranked women higher than men in honesty, compassion and ambition. In the same survey only 6% thought women made better political leaders. They were asked about the characteristics that make up good leaders. When asked about traits like honesty, integrity, creativity, ambition , the men came out ahead in only one which was decisiveness and the women came out tied or ahead in all the other traits.

In business the studies are not only about what gets you to the top but what you need to stay at the top of your game. Nine out of the ten traits women excel. Things that men are good at, they are very good at doing. Men are better at risk taking. Just look at the final round of the TV show Jeopardy; the men always risk more money than the women players in the final Jeopardy round. In the stock market, men risk more, women are more careful and more thoughtful; if a man wins, he wins big.
Women experience a greater number of pain episodes than men. How does that make them better! I’m glad that I am a man and I do not experience as much pain! I will agree that women will experience plastic surgery pain, waxing pain, piercing pain, high heel pain, tight clothing pain much more than any man will have patience for. Women are less likely to report pain and are the go to person for for any mild injury. Men will complain more about pain because they know that women are more sympathetic.
Women are better at remembering. We all know that! Men won’t remember their wedding anniversary. Helen Fisher says, “ The biology in that is a particular part of the brain called the hippocampus that has a lot more cells that receive estrogen. Women are built archectularilly better to remember.” Ok’ We surrender, just give us some sex and we’ll do what you want. You’re better and you will never let us forget it.

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