Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why is divorce always so ugly? You already agreed that it is the only solution to happiness. You pretty much know who bought what and how much it cost. If you have kids now, they live in the house and the parents come and go. After all, they shouldn’t have to live out of a suitcase. Oh yes, its about money that always makes divorce so ugly.
The gossip news has been filled lately with celebrities and their big money divorces like Kelsey & Camille Grammer, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, and Steve & Mary Harvey who are fighting brutal battles with their long time soon to be x-wives. An eye opening new study says that two out of every three divorces are initiated by women mainly because men behave badly. So, if guys seem to be at fault, why do they come out ahead in the money battle?
The girls are not that forgiving anymore, they are initiating the divorces lately. Men want a pre-nuptial but women want a exit strategy. Men tend to loose more in a divorce; usually custody of the children and large amounts of money. After all, isn’t that what women always want? They can always get a new bum in the bed. Especially if your husband has any money.
Tiger Woods was out of control, didn’t seem to care either. His wife Elin got $100 million in that break up. For really rich men, it’s not about the money. Their pumped up ego got them their millions, so for their public women, their wives to say, I don’t want you anymore is a big punch to your ego especially when all the world seemingly loves what you do. Only 3% of cheating men marry their lovers.
Marriages never end until the woman decides its over. Tiger loved his life. Now his game is off on the golf course and personally too. Camille & Kelsey Grammer were married for 13 years and were worth $120 million. Camille demanded $50 million in the divorce. The women that have the courage to initiate the divorce is typically a girl who married young, the children are older, they are in their mid-forties and say, I’ve had enough with your antics. Get Out.
It is evident, when Mom is unhappy, the kids will fail emotionally. A new study proves that the male children of divorce have a higher level of suicidal thoughts. A lot of the boys are not socialized to talk about their pain whereas a young girl will have a sleep-over or at least have a network of friends they can talk to in order to share their personal pain over their parents decision. The boys miss the male role model in their lives.
Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary posted a series of Youtube videos about her marriage. She says in her videos that Steve threw her out and took their son. Having a great lawyer can get you to keep everything including your money as in the Harvey’s case. In high powered cases, many of the people who make the most money in the marriage say, go ahead, divorce me, I’ll stop working, I have money put away. Then the whole art of hate and deception takes over to sometimes violent or extremely drastic behavior. I’ll let the house foreclose before I give it to you!!
Steve has a book touting that he is a “relationship guru”. Not so good if you can’t keep your personal relationship together. He brought his personal life into more of the public eye by discussing his son crying on his morning talk show on Radio One. He had a 12 year marriage that now is on media venues. He claims that he had a opportunity to have a show affiliated with Oprah and his wife on Youtube damaged his career. Oprah did not hire him. Well, that is when you not only have a woman that is scorned but is also desperate. The mud slinging will occur.
Camille Grammer has been showing the public all their marriages dirty laundry on her show “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She did stand by Kelsey through his addictions in the past but will not stand by her man any longer. He is seeking a reality show now and already can’t wait to get married again before the dust landed in this mess. All this public display of hate does not help them and certainly does not set any type of example for ordinary people that must hash through their own problems. Good Luck!

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