Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Census gives us information on how things have changed in the past few years. Most people think it is a waste of time and money. Most people do not want to be known. If you didn’t return the post card with your most recent information, the U.S. Census had a big budget to send workers to your home to try to get your information. The government says it is essential to know what your family is like so they can distribute funds in your community according to the needs of the area. For example, if your neighborhood has lots of 3 year olds, you might see more day care centers in your neighborhood soon.
According to the new statistical abstracts released by the Census Bureau, life expectancy at birth reached an all time high of 77.9 years. In Table 78 of the compare table listing of Live Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces from 1960 to 2007, things have changed. That breaks down to age 75.4 years for men and 80.4 years for women. Yes, women are living longer than men by about 5 years.
We have changed our diets as well. The nation is eating less red meat. In 2008 Americans ate 108 pounds of red meat per person per year. That is down 5.4 pounds per person since 2000. Yes, Americans are making healthier food choices by eating less red meat. Up 2.5 gallons per person up from
Americans are drinking more red wine up 2.5 gallons per person, a rise from 2 gallons on the year 2000. That’s another half gallon per person. Salute! I guess that is healthier too.
The marriage rate is the lowest since 1970. That is 40 years of a steady decline. Nobody wants to be married forever anymore. We are not into love, honor and cherish anyone for the rest of our lives? I got married in 1977. At the time, I did not know that I was doing something that was on a downward spiral.
A new record of live births were given to 41% of unmarried women. The girls don’t need to be married to have a family anymore. There is no shame or stigma. It is not a social issue anymore. Years ago it was considered a discrace if any woman had a child before she was married.
How do we have fun lately? 9 million Americans admitted in 2009 to having performed Karaoke in the past year. You know, singing along with edited versions of your favorite songs. The CD’s have all the same music but omitting the lead singers part. You pick up the mike and read the lyrics on a television monitor and entertain the crowd, hopefully. That is 4.1% of the total population. I think we have enough Pop singers now.
We hate going to a Zoo. 31 million Americans reported that. 13,6% os the population of Zoo haters. We love our pets though, some have a Zoo at home. Based on a 2006 survey that interviewed 47,000 households, Americans keep over 116 million pets at home. Cat lovers win at 81.7million. Dogs are next in line of most popular pets at 81.7 million and assorted birds trail at 11.2 million. So, the pet industry is doing just fine.

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