Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where should we go? Disasters or potential disasters seem to be everywhere. It only costs $40 million to own a nuclear power plant. No wonder they are everywhere. Apparently we have not learned any lessons from the disaster at Chernobyl. All those brave workers have died trying to contain that power plant. Now we fear for the brave workers in Japan trying to contain their plant.

Reactor #4 lies on the earthquake fault here in New York at Indian Point. It supplies about 30% of all power to the New York area. They probably got that land pretty cheaply too. Who puts nuclear power plants near or on earthquake faults anyway? Well, throughout the country there are 11 nuclear power plants built on major earthquake faults here in America. After 9-11 supposedly, efforts were taken to secure more safety regulations. Lets hope.
Back to the question of where should we live and how could we make a income? Some are using the web for a small-business startup. The internet has become the world’s largest shopping center; a 24/7 marketplace where people can shop for any product or service from anywhere. So, pack your computer and buy or sell stuff while you are running away from danger. The internet is the perfect place for entrepreneurs interested in setting up shop quickly with a minimum of capital. They can enjoy more management flexibility than their counterparts in brick-and-mortar businesses.
Of course, you still need the basics of any business; a legal structure; phones, computers and other communications infrastructure; a bank account; budgeting, a business plan, accounting and marketing skills; etc. But, you also have the advantage of several web-based services that can help you establish a presence on the web. Service providers such as Interland, Yahoo Small Business, Big Step, 1&1 and others offer simplified do-it-yourself packages that make the setup process straightforward and rather easy. Even with little tech know-how, you can get a basic website registered, designed and online quickly for as little as $20 per month.
You’ll still need to work hard at attracting customers, just like any new business. On line, you are competing with millions of others trying to do the same thing. Make sure your website is listed in search engines. You’ll find help at Search Engine

This site offers submission tips, web searching tips, search engine reviews and many other resources. So, grab your computer, buy good sneakers and start running to find a safe place on the globe free from earthquakes, tsunamis, dictators, religious strife, bullies, floods, high taxes, poverty, disease and the list of horrors goes on..….

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