Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother nature is on the move and shaking us around lately. We all have heard read and saw natures latest show of power now in Japan. Just another reminder of how insignificant we all are on earth. We are like flees on a dog. When earth wants to shake we just have to go along with the punches and take it. It hurts a little bit more when it happens to a powerful, civilized country like Japan.
Lately we are seeing too much violence as in the Egyptian area, too much poverty as in Haiti, too much corruption as in Katrina. All unbelievable disasters that perhaps could have been avoided to some extent. All chaos that could have been managed better. Money certainly could have been distributed fairly among the people of those countries. We are safe so far here in the United States and from the comfort of our living rooms have the luxuries of being able to witness from far how people are coping with their disasters.
Nothing compares to the incredible people of Japan. The extent of the disaster is probably the harshest of all the unrest in the world lately. The Japanese people have handled instantly their hardship with dignity, and the utmost in good behavior. The survivors instantly acted civil towards each other. They waited patiently in lines for provisions. Everyone banded together to lift heavy debris in an effort to find survivors. The shelters are clean and orderly even with recycling stations for empty containers. Not like the filth left in New Orleans. Not like the lack of human dignity in Haiti with the raping and looting. Not like the disrespect for journalists in Egypt.
Humans are supposed to be at the top of the food chain but we do not respect the power we have been given. The human invention of nuclear power will probably be the gift of our own destruction of our species. The earthquake in Japan is a gift from mother nature to us to remind us that we need to find safer alternative sources of the power we cherish. We already threw out manual typewriters for power everything writing. We cannot even open a can lately without power. Even our pianos are thrown out for powered keyboards. Hopefully the civilized quiet humbled Japanese will have the courage to continue and prosper even after this giant punch from mother nature.

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