Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Swan. Little innocent Natalie Portman no longer. The little girl we saw grow up before us in past movies is very much an adult. Doing very adult things in not so innocent movies. She is soon to be a Mom from love with her co-star. She recently won another Golden Globe and from her second nomination she received her Academy Award for best actress for her performance in this film. As a ballerina driven crazy in her quest for perfection, Portman delivers a sexy scary performance.
She is 29 years old and considered a very accomplished actress; not just a cute little Jewish girl from Long Island N.Y. While performing in many films since her childhood, she has managed to squeeze in completing her Bachelors degree from Harvard.
Her mother in Black Swan calls her, “My daughter, the Swan Queen”. Natalie lost about 20 pounds to prepare for this role. In the preparation she fell in love with someone at her job. She is engaged to her chorographer who is also her onscreen dance partner in this film. In her personal life, she has been criticized for openly declaring how commitment is important to her but marriage isn’t important at all.
I allowed my teenage daughter to see this film knowing that this is a cultural film surrounded by great Tchaikovsky music with the Swan Lake theme playing throughout the movie. The character struggles to be in great dance condition. She has very strange and awful reactions to the pressures from her mother to be great. I am embarrassed about the masturbation issues that she demonstrates openly in this film.
Who doesn’t want to hear from their daughter that the character masturbates about 3 times in this movie and assaults her mother. In one scene, the dancer played by Natalie, slams the door on her mother’s already injured wrist. Then we find out that she gets pregnant from her co-star in the movie in real life. Is any movie a safe place to send your kid to watch? This was supposed to be a safe cultural experience for my child. No, I have to see everything before I give the ok to my children to see it. Now I am not exactly sure what my daughter learned from this movie experience. And I wish America had their little innocent Natalie back as well.

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