Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The American military is the most powerful in the world and after almost 50 years, the U.S. Army wants to replace the standard rifle with an advanced grenade launcher. The rifle is given to hundreds of thousands frontline troops around the world. This new thing is called an XM25 weapon system. Can you replace a rifle with a system? It would replace M16s and M4s the workhorses that also had reliability issues.
There has been roughly 80 years of U.S. combat tested rifles used often. The M1 Garand entered service in 1930, it was a 30 caliber, weighted about 10 pounds and had a range of around 500 meters.
In the 1960’s the M16 Rifle entered service with a 5.56 mm caliber that weighted 8.8 pounds with a range of 550-800 meters. This was the first to give soldiers bullet clips.

The M4 Carbine entered service in the 1990’s with the same 5.56 mm caliber but weight less at 7.5 pounds with less range only 500-600 meters.
The quality of these standard issue rifles are not good in these deserts where much of the combat is being deployed. The guns are not good in long distances in dusty primitive conditions. The soldiers in Afghanistan complained about jamming and overheating M4s resulting in servicemen dying. Experts have often noted that the M16 and M4 are rated poorly in terms of ruggedness and reliability compared with Soviet designed Kalashnikov assault rifles, which are a favorite weapon of insurgents around the world.
The service began field trials of the new XM25 called the Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, an advanced grenade launcher with a laser range finder and onboard computer. Nope, the soldiers do not have to rely on their pitching arm to unload a grenade anymore.
It fires a programmable 25mm round that is designed to go off just above-or just behind- its target. Yeah! Miss a little! The concept is to create a lethal weapon that can hit enemies behind cover. This weapon with grenades and a computer can give the individual soldier more power in individual decision making.
I think they should throw all this junk out. If you want to fight about something. Give out tranquilizing guns. Shoot each other in the ass, sleep awhile and then get up and do it all over again till you are sick and tired of trying to kill each other.

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