Saturday, February 5, 2011

Womb for rent.  Surrogacy seems to be on the rise.  You don’t need a medical reason any more just a turkey baster and a million bucks.  Elton John has been a Sir since 1998 but he has only been a Dad since Christmas.  Elton at age 63, and his latest partner, David Furnish, are now parents to a new baby boy named Zachary. Yes, now you can buy children for each other for a Holiday present and if you are famous enough, you will get paid millions for your new family picture on the cover of a major magazine.

 It is reported that Elton is the biological father.  The poor woman who went through all the discomfort to carry and give birth is never mentioned. Who cares about the women that carry these people; just pay her.  Yes, this disgrace is what civilization has evolved into these days. Where are the big mouth religious dudes when you need them.  They get plenty of money anyway by just reciting the same Bible passages everyday. Who needs to take on new issues?  Just poor guys like me.

Melissa Brisman, a Reproductive Attorney who has also had all her three children with a surrogate woman, says, “People are choosing surrogacy for a combination of reasons. First, the technology has increased; there is an increase in gestational surrogacy where the woman who is carrying the baby is not the biological mother; or as in the case of gay men couples who use a egg doner. There has been an increase in society acceptance for gay couples being parents.”  Or you can simply be a married woman who for career reasons or concern over the changes in your body after pregnancy just do not want to carry the baby.  Hire a new maid and a surrogate today honey!

Of course there are real medical reasons to seek a surrogate as well.  For example, some women do not have uteruses that function properly. It is not safe for recovery survivors from estrogen positive breast cancer to carry a baby but they can use their own eggs. If you have severe diabetes, it is not safe to carry a baby.  Kidney or heart transplant recipients should not carry babies.  If a mother took DES in the 1960’s or 70’s while she was pregnant, which was a drug that made future generations’ uteruses key shaped and unable to carry a child.

There have been many other famous couples who have chosen this way to have children.  Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick’s twins were born via a surrogate.  Deidre Hall, Rickey Martin, Clay Aiken, Neil Patrick Harris, Nicole Kidman among others.  There was the famous story years ago about Marybeth Whitehead who was a surrogate who later did not wish to give up her baby.

The cost of surrogacy can range from $70 thousand to $130 thousand dollars. In certain states it is covered by medical insurance. For example, recent legislation passed in New Jersey under the insurance status that if you have a medical reason, and work for a New Jersey based company, you are covered.  Who is your mommy?

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