Monday, January 10, 2011

Where is my iPad? I just bought this thing and as a masculine American adult male I do not know how or where to carry this thing. At least women have amply sized purses. Most European men carry purses but we don’t do that here. Its too large to fit in my pants pocket, too stiff to be rolled up like a magazine and too expensive with too much of my information to leave anywhere unattended. Men still do not want to carry around any bags. It’s bad enough I still have to carry my blackberry to get e-mails and a tablet too. Gosh, I sound so spoiled now. Maybe I should just leave my iPad at home but then what is the point to owning this weird sized device?
Yes, commerce has come to the rescue and there are manufactures who are making a sort of man purse or murse which are iPad -shaped bags; but to me it still looks like a woman’s clutch. Another solution to the problem is a Scottevest which is basically a sport vest with a giant pocket in the inside. Ok, if you want to look like a guy in the outback or one of the Marks Brothers with their giant hidden pockets to grab anything; you buy it. There is the Cocoon Harlem Netbook/iPad Sling which looks like a giant iPad fanny pack; yeah I’ll put that in front of my package, NO. Maybe I’ll give the iPad away.
Apple advertises the thing only on one’s lap or holding it in comfortable room settings. The cases offered by Apple do protect the device from bumps and scrapes but most don’t even have a handle to hold or a strap to drape over your shoulder. The geeks at Apple didn’t think about the most important thing. I got to carry this and for health reasons I don’t want the harmful rays making me possibly cancerous or impudent having it always placed on my lap. When I talk to people on line about this issue, they suggest I wear a macho surplus military jacket. Not all the time, thank you.
Other suggestions are also along military gear lines like finding a World War II era Swiss ammunition case or military map pouches any pre-GPS-era bags are a perfect fit for a tablet device and the ultimate in masculinity if you can find them anywhere on line. If you wish to be more fashionable a good choice is a fleece jacket with iPad -sized pockets from a company called Scottevest in Sun Valley, Idaho. This company did not waste any time and started promoting their products shortly after Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. Now that’s American commerce at work on time.
We still need a more formal way to carry the thing so the people at Scottevest designed a blazer with a custom pocket sewn into the jacket so now you can leave your briefcase home. David Hockney a famous British artist has been carrying his device in custom made jackets for a while now and he has been sketching art works on the iPad instead of in sketchbooks, no pencil needed just a new app.
If you are in Paris this month view a selection of David Hockney’s impromptu iPad drawings at the Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation. Auvoir mes amies!
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