Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ruthless big oil buddies. Why are there so many horrible disasters in the gulf area of America? Why have government and politicians been so slow to address the issues and most of all take care of the people there? Some families have been there since the settlers came to America. BP knew that the rig was malfunctioning weeks before the explosion. It could have been prevented if the thing had a acoustic switch which is a device on the rig that warns others that there is dangerous activity going on and the alternate source could have stopped the flow of oil. It is mandatory all over the world. Here in America, the lobbyist convinced politicians it was not necessary. Yes, Vice President Dick Cheney’s involvement again.
Soon after the spill, citizens who had shore front properties quickly noticed the local police, army and national guard all over the shore not helping people but keeping people away as if they did this. Anyone who took pictures or who had measurements that conflicted with company predictions as to the amount of oil that was out there was fired, intimidated and interrogated.
BP went ahead and used a dispersant called Corexit to handle the goop everywhere. This toxin simply breaks up the oil into small particles, doesn’t make it go anywhere but sink to the ocean floor. It contains Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Zink and Cyanide; all poisons. The workers were wearing protective gear from this stuff, not from the oil. A month into the spill “clean-up” the Environmental Protection Agency told them to stop using it, but they kept on and spent millions on positive advertising.
Corexit is manufactured by the Nalco holding company. Nalco has huge connections to BP. A member of the board of directors of this company was formerly a top BP executive and a 11 year BP board member. The world is now run by nepotism and contacts to get good jobs in high places; but should our contacts be used for sinister motives, greed and self-promotion? There are many products out there that are less lethal and twice as effective. They just aren’t personal friends of this group of selfish barons.
The government is protecting corporations not the people. Could it be a plan to get rid of the people along the coast and change the gulf area into a giant oil refinery? Why did Katrina and the New Orleans disasters happen? Almost every cleanup worker from the 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster are now dead. Let’s see the numbers on the Gulf volunteers.

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