Saturday, January 22, 2011

Profit from disaster. I believe that BP does not stand for British Petroleum but for Big Profits. The BP oil spill was the largest environmental disaster so far in American history. There is serious evidence that BP knew that the oil rig was going to explode. There is evidence accumulated months before the spill that leads to financial profitability for some as a result of this disaster. The criminals in three piece suits were blatant and very visible in their financial dealings that lead to the WHY of this careless act of destruction to a once beautiful region of our country. The gulf of Louisiana.
Months before the spill, it has been noticed that hundreds of millions of shares in BP were being sold. Even the CEO of British Petroleum unloaded about one third of his stock about a month before the disaster. Yes, sell the stock while the price is high before disaster strikes and the stock of your company goes way down. Tony Haywood sold his shares in the company on March 17th and made millions in profit.
Transocean, the largest off-shore drilling contractor in the world helped too in this disaster. BP owned the 194 millions of gallons of crude oil that spilled into the gulf. They were leasing the rig that blew up from Transocean. On the morning of the disaster, Transocean’s stock opened in the European stock exchange with a special put option available to the inside players of the stock exchange. That left billions in profit for a few inside players.
They also had help from the famous Halliburton company. The energy company that used to be held by Dick Cheney. Halliburton was in charge of reinforcing the oil well with cement when it blew. Coincidentally, Halliburton bought Boots & Coots a cleanup company 11 days before this disaster occurred for $240 million dollars. Yes, all the bases were covered. They secured the stock money, the cost of drilling and the cost of cleanup, all profits. Why would you need to purchase the largest clean-up company in the world if you had the safest equipment?
Boots & Coots provided a lot of clean-up with Halliburton during the Iraq war. All this can be called Crisis Capitalism. The term given to creating a problem and offering the solution to the problem. Therefore, we can assess that THIS DISASTER WAS PLANNED. Halliburton’s profits jumped 83% during the oil spill disaster. To hell with the ocean, and the valuable scrimp industry and the people of that region. Viva Profits!
All three companies associated with this rig had a lot to gain from this disaster and they gained plenty. Greed is taking over any sensibility in this world even at the price of possibly destroying the natural beauty that was given to us freely. Whatever God you believe in, Help Us.

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