Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s Christmas and everyone in town is feverishly speeding around cutting people off and rushing into their favorite stores to buy their favorite foods or last minute gifts. If you are lucky enough to be invited to visit someone, or the courage to invite people into your private space, your home, whatever holiday you celebrate could be a very good thing. Or, you can be alone brooding about the sadness and poverty you and much of the world is experiencing.

The churches or various places of worship weather it is a large cathedral or a small storefront on a busy street, all the “clergy” are happily scheduling as many hours of worship services that pass the monetary collection baskets as possible. These hosts are eagerly awaiting all those guilty souls to visit with their $100 bills with tears in their eyes because they miss someone who has died this past year or they simply feel guilty for not going to their place of worship each and every week. After all, these places need a steady flow of people, I mean cash each week.
Just sit back and look at what the human race has become. The retailers are happy because under the guise of the fictitious jolly guy in the red suit, we stop everyday life and purchase things we hope you want and spend billions trying to please. We empty our wallets under the guise of a poor magical baby being born 2000 years ago meanwhile the keepers of that myth are pedophiles, living in luxury and having closeted sexual fantasies far away from abstinence.
Religion is a very dangerous thing. We are currently suffering many human losses because of the fight over religious beliefs. Women are being tortured because of religious beliefs. We must regroup and go back to worshiping the basics that are universal to all living things here on earth in the present. Lets in part follow some of the teachings in Greek Mythology. Worship the sun God and the God of the sea and be grateful for the food and herbs and the animals that nourish us. Preserve these simple but precious nutrients so easily given to us. And preserve the natural drinking water and the fertile farm lands. Keep them free from greedy corporations that in the interest of profits pollute our seas, buy the rights to our drinking water and mutate our food all in the interest of filling their collection plate.

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