Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is the season of love, to cherish those around you, keep in touch with those you remember who made you feel good. So, we buy gifts, share a card, eat a meal with or send flowers or gift baskets full of food or other indulgences just to be different and to depart from our usual daily grind. Yes we call it the Holidays. Basically, we celebrate life, each other and the sanity of civilization; the respect for our fellow man.
Not in Kosovo. A human-rights investigator for the Council of Europe is calling for an international probe into allegations that former Kosovo guerrilla fighters killed some prisoners in order to sell their internal organs on the black market as chaos engulfed the southern Balkans in 1999. There is evidence that Kosovo Liberation Army members held captives at detention centers in Albania and selected groups for execution so that their kidneys could be sold. The current government denies the allegations.
The investigator, Dick Marty, a Swiss prosecutor, also investigated the existence of secret prisons in Europe run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. He also alleges that the current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of Kosovo has links to organized crime. Renewed international attention to the organ-trafficking allegations could damage Kosovo’s image among international countries. Could such disregard for human life really exist in this stage of the civilized world? Yes, capitalism is at work. Money is to be made for anything.
We are not discussing cannibalism in a jungle or Biblical human sacrifices for religious rituals, not that those practices should have been acceptable; we are discussing that in this century we are selling human parts for profit.!!! There is no reason for such despicable behavior other than to accumulate as much money as we possibly could in any way. This almost makes Mr. Madof who stole millions for his own profit look kind.

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