Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trump's Personal Wall

Related imageTrump’s big mouth about others is always critical but he hardly talks about his ever so conflicting practices between his businesses and politics. Now he is clamping down on unheard of disclosure restrictions from all his employees. His double standards are incredible. He likes to keep secrets while he questioned Obama’s citizenship and Hillary’s e-mails. Where are Trump’s tax returns? How many real estate deals did he make with the Russians? How many products is he making and selling in China? His international relations as President seems to only be entertaining world leaders who do business with him and the meetings take place at his hotels. How does any of this help Americans who don’t even manufacture any of his products he sells at high personal profits?
Americans give up their lives for their country without a draft. He keeps secrets and expects all his 22,000 employees to keep his secrets too or they are fired as well. Did he go to dictator school? He demands that his employees at the Trump Golf properties, Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Trump Hotel Collections various properties to keep tight lips on their jobs. Throughout his career he put an emphasis on his fame. In a NBC Meet the Press interview in 1999 he boasted that, ”My life has been a very, very open book.” Yet, now after the election Trump is firing everyone in the White House calling them “Leakers and that they must go!” He recently imposed a new “Confidentiality Agreement “rolled out after the election. The Trump organization is requiring all employees   at all levels to sign it or they will lose their jobs.
All employees must agree to keep secret, “any information about anyone in the Trump family including their present, former and future spouses, children, parents and in-laws.” So, you have to keep quiet about new wives that aren’t even there yet or just planned on? COLD! Debra Soltis has specialized in employment law for over 25 years and she says, “I have reviewed confidentiality agreements in international family run hospitality organizations and I have never seen a loyalty code to a family like this.” She goes on to say, “This confidentiality agreement looks more like what you would expect to sign if you were a nanny to famous celebrity’s children where you were being brought into the home and exposed to private information.”
Trump’s Confidentiality Agreement to all his employees specifically states that is off limits, “All political, legal, social,  religious, health-related affairs, activities, views and or opinions of any member of the Trump family. All photographs, movies, sketches, videos, sound or image recordings or likenesses of any member of the Trump family.” All of a sudden he thinks he and his crowd can be invisible simply because he says so? What religious beliefs? The only thing they all worship is money!
The agreement lasts forever and is retroactive. He hopes that this very detailed agreement could discourage whistle blowers.  At the very least, the man has a lot to hide. A company code of conduct requires employees to be truthful in any inquiry. The confidentiality agreement clause states that if an employee is required to disclose confidential information, they need to notify the Trump organization. What if an employee has information that the public has every right to know? With this signed agreement, they could not share it. This is all lessons on how to be a dictator. It is deeply troubling to have your hands tied if you have seen something and know something that is questionable!

Trump has been on a firing spree yet it has been reported that HE told his Don Jr. to LIE that the meetings with the Russian lawyer was about adoptions and not about campaign intervention. How high a wall can Trump build around himself?

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