Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Amazing Amazon

Related imageAmazon is America’s retail giant. It is the one place where you can purchase just about anything and get it too within days not weeks. Now the retail online giant is offering enough jobs to fill an entire town. The lines for these offered warehouse jobs formed long before the job fairs even opened. Places like Baltimore Maryland, Kent Washington and Kenosha Wisconsin had parking lots filled with people in a maze of lines looking for those jobs. The jobs don’t pay much but what they do offer is valuable medical benefits. Many companies hire people part time, make them work 30 hours a week anyway and do not offer them any benefits. Most of these jobs will be full time jobs with much needed benefits.
50 thousand jobs are being offered at once at Amazon in their three football field sized warehouse centers all over the country. Kent, WA,  Kenosha, WI, Romeoville, IL, Whitestown, IN, Hebron, KY, Oklahoma City, OK, Chattanooga, TN, Depew, NY, Fall River , MA, Etna, OH, Robbinsville, NJ, and Baltimore, MD. These cities had simultaneous job fairs yesterday filling entry job positions in the $11.50-$15 dollar per hour category. Most positions do not require experience. Amazon will train you. Amazon was nice enough to provide free cooling Slushie drinks for all the people on line waiting to submit their applications. People came in suits and had resume’s in their hands. Everyone took this event quite seriously.
They applied to be sorters, packers and shippers who will work side by side robots that will do the long leg work around the very modern and organized warehouses. Amazon is growing as traditional retail stores are shrinking. Malls are closing and even big stores like Macy’s are closing stores. People are fed up with poor product selection in traditional stores, few employees at checkouts, violence and robberies in the parking lots. Women are fed up with robbers and rapists following them home from the mall just to be robbed and raped. Buying from the comfort of your home has become the purchase place of choice.
Over the last 15 years E-commerce has added 167,000 jobs while department stores lost 456,000 retail jobs. The numbers reflect that shopping migration from stores to on line buying on the internet. Many people were hired on the spot and will begin their jobs within days. For once there was smiles on the job lines in America. The people on line said that somebody has to fix the robots. It was the largest jobs fair in the United States to date. They asked people to apply for jobs in person unlike all the sites that take applications on line. The Robbinsville, New Jersey warehouse had 1,500 jobs up for grabs alone. This was not Amazon’s first big hiring event. In the past they had events where they hired hundreds of people at a time in Hillsboro, Oregon, Fall River, Massachusetts, and Everett, Washington. Amazon’s Vice President of Human Resources, John Olsen was not surprised at the large successful turnout.    


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